Catherine Clark
Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Philippa Thomson
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 30

Ian Brown
General Manager – Corporate Services
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 26

Adam Abbott
Manager – Strategic Projects
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 18  |  0408 414 256

Lea-Anne Pickford (Mon – Thurs)
Accountant & HR Manager
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 29

Katrina Taylor
Administration & Accounts Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 10


Andrew Blucher
General Manager- Commercial and Sponsorship
[email protected]

Chanah Mulawa
Manager – Marketing
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 19  |  0488 038 843

Alex Fynes-Clinton
Manager – Media and Communication
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 12  |  0413 198 517

Jack Clark
Video and Content Producer
[email protected]
0439 779 069

Emma Such
Manager – Events & Competitions
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 62  |  0438 542 418

Morgan Kunde
Sponsorship Coordinator
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 11  |  0407 270 959

Adam De’Ath
Competitions Coordinator
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 33  |  0407 306 329

Alexa Deighton
Event Coordinator
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 14  |  0400 572 060

Kat Pope
Events – Administration Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 41

Amy McDonald
State Netball Centre
Social Programs Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3422 0647  |  0439 790 645


Leigh Gibbs
General Manager – Community and Sport Development
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 25  |  0424 205 584

Ryan Fett
Manager – Community and Engagement
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 35  |  0408 428 489

Lee Wilson
Manager – Participation
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 13  |  0488 034 884

Sian Jackson
Regional Netball Officer
Brisbane South, Brisbane East & Golden South
[email protected]
0407 086 102

Ben Ingram
Regional Netball Officer
Brisbane North, Darling Downs & Capricorn
[email protected]
0408 819 366

Megan Walker
Regional Netball Officer
Brisbane West, Suncoast & Wide Bay
[email protected]
0488 033 778

Megan Allen
Regional Netball Officer
Whitsunday, Magnetic North & Marlin Coast
[email protected]
0488 031 776

Monique Healy
Participation – Schools Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 21  |   0418 733 578

Erin Hodgkin  (Mon – Thurs)
Participation – Administration Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 34  |   0407 595 560

Lisa Caruana
Participation – Schools Officer (Tues and Thurs)
[email protected]
 0409 382 724

Karen Topp
Coach & Officials Development Officer  
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 31  |  0407 758 282

Ruth Draper
Accreditation & Allocations Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 36  |  0437 532 816

Phoebe Lennox
One Netball Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 38  |  0438 505 814

Michael Fox
Fast5 Manager
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 17  |  0476 837 406



Richard McInnes
General Manager – High Performance
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 16  |  0428 687 691

Nannette Rigoni
Firebirds Operations and Team Manager
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 28

Jenny Brazel
High Performance Coach – Elite Teams
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 40

Belinda Weder (Tues – Fri)
Regional Academy Officer
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 24

Callum Koch
Physical Performance Manager
[email protected]
(07) 3848 6330 ext. 32  |  0447 712 128

Board Members


Jane Seawright – President

Jane brings to the role of President, extensive experience as a commercial lawyer and company director, as well as a long involvement with netball, as a player, coach, parent and administrator. Her experience in netball ranges from coaching junior club teams to President of Downey Park Netball Association and Brisbane North Region, at the same time having a visible advocacy role for the association and the region. She is currently a director of the Residential Tenancies Authority (Queensland) and the Australian Festival of Chamber Music, company secretary and general counsel for CRCMining and Northern Australia Primary Health Limited, and is a former director of Queensland Institute of Medical Research Trust and City North Infrastructure Pty Ltd.

Chris King – Finance Officer

Prior to his appointment for the Board, Chris was worked as a Committee member at both a Club and Association, and prior to his appointment acted as an Independent Member of NQ’s Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee.  Chris has previous experience in sports administration in football.  He is an Audit and Assurance Partner for HLB Mann Judd in Brisbane, and sits on HLB’s National Audit and Accounting Standards Committee.  In his professional role Chris has works with a large number of Not For Profit organisations.  He also remains a member of NQ’s Governance and Leadership working group.

Annette Smith- Board Member
Annette is a Netball Qld Life Member and has experience working for Netball Queensland and on various committees gained over many years. Ms Smith’s vision for clear strategic direction, risk monitoring and compliance, and effective communication will be an asset to the Netball Queensland Board.

Mark McLeod- Board Member

Mark is a National CEO with Ray White whose focus is to ensure that the business and its people has the capacity to meet targets and KPI’s that allows company strategies to be achieved. His strengths include business, finance, regional diversity, Human Resources, training, developing relationships and widely established networks in business and sport across Queensland and beyond. Growing up in regional Queensland Mark has played sport at state and national levels.

Dr Marie Kavanagh – Board Member

Marie is a Professor of Accounting. She has a national and international profile in education, particularly accounting and business education and a strong reputation for community engagement. She is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has experience as a Board member on three organisational Boards where she chaired Risk and Compliance, Policy and Planning, and Education and Training committees. Marie has been successful in obtaining funding for and leading several large federally funded projects to promote further business education, training and employment. Marie is the past Chair of the Accounting Education Special Interest Group for the Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) and an active member of the Australian Centre for Sustainable Business Development in the areas of community leadership and resilience at the University of Southern Queensland. Marie is passionate about several things: the importance of family; building financial literacy capacity in persons of all ages, particularly young people; working in and for community; sustainable energy management; and Netball.

Leisa Donlan- Board Member

Leisa is well known in netball for helping clubs with their governance & volunteer management and she is passionate about using that knowledge to support the Netball Queensland Board for benefit of volunteers, members & players. She is a Life Member and Fellow of the Australian Society of Association Executives, she was awarded 1999 Executive of the Year for her work in the non-profit sector and she remains a working non-profit CEO who understands how good boards govern for the benefit of their members. For the past twenty years Leisa has been a consultant to Government, providing training, constitutional reviews, risk management, planning, disaster recovery and she has a long client list of sporting organisations at all levels.

Life Members

Life Membership is open to persons who have given voluntary, meritorious service to Netball Queensland for a period of at least ten (10) years. Netball Queensland will call for Life Member nominations in November each year, with nominees voted on at the next Annual General Meeting of the members. Netball Queensland currently has 30 life members. Please see below for a list of Netball Queensland’s life members:

  1. Maureen Atkins
  2. Susan Bamford
  3. June Bothwell AM
  4. Michele Buck*
  5. Janelle Derrington
  6. Bertha Elder*
  7. Morna Franklin
  8. Audrey Fullagar OAM*
  9. Florence Gallagher*
  10. Phyllis Grant*
  11. Doris Howes*
  12. Deirdre Hyland AM*
  13. Jan Maggacis
  14. Mavis Martin OAM*
  15. Madonna McKenna
  16. Lana Midson
  17. Joan Pentecost
  18. Carole Scott
  19. Annette Smith
  20. Helen Stevens
  21. Olive Stilz*
  22. Ivy Wallace*
  23. Jeanette Warwick BEM
  24. Elizabeth White
  25. Valda Williamson
  26. Doris T Wilson*
  27. Vicki Wilson OAM
  28. Shirley Winton OAM*
  29. Maisie Wrighton*
  30. Dianne Cocker

*Denotes deceased members.