Netball Queensland

Forget 27 dresses… Fellowes has hit 40!

Forget 27 Dresses! Queensland Fusion defender Demelza Fellowes is enjoying a long, colourful, memorable, varied and worldwide netball career, something that is mirrored in her collection of netball dresses, whichmore

Cairns netball on the grow!

The Cairns netball courts are home to the largest ANZ NetSetGo program in Australia, and are about to undergo a facelift for the first time in 30 years with amore

June ‘Eyes on the Ball’ winner

Congratulations to Phoebe Maher from Southport Carrara 16’s Division 2 Premier League Team where the inspiration came from for her wonderful blog on why her team is so fabulous. Phoebemore

Talk up your team

Only two weeks left to ‘Talk up your team’ and it will be hard to beat this great entry from Phoebe Maher. We want you to share your favourite moment asmore