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Coaching Manuals

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High Performance – Centre Court

Netball AustraliaHigh Performance Centre Court

This manual outlines strategies and tips for centre court players including positions and movements. Netball Australia compiled this book after viewing videos of successful centre court plays from Australia, New Zealand, Trinidad, Jamaica and England. The strengths and weaknesses of the players along with strategies used by each player and opposition to counteract were analysed to form the strategies in this manual. 



High Performance – Defence

Netball AustraliaHigh Performance Defence

The roles and attributes of a good defence player are identified and drills aimed at honing the basic skills and strategies are provided. Netball Australia presented principles types of defence strategies followed by drills aimed at developing and enhancing advanced defence techniques. The importance of communication is also discussed within.



High Performance – Goal Shooting

Netball AustraliaHigh Performance Goal Shooting

In order for coaches to fine tune and reinforce the techniques of a shooter’s shot, they must have an strong understanding and knowledge of the skills of goal shooting. Netball Australia has provided notes prepared for use by coaches whether it be for training or during a match.




Netskills Manual 1

Gillian Lee (2001)Net Skills 1

This easy to use coaching manual is suitable for beginner coaches and coaches of junior teams. Gillian Lee, former state player and AIS coach has outlined basic skills of the game providing useful skills and drills. Topics include: the role of the coach; teaching a skill; planning a training session; minor games; activities for: warm ups, ball handling, pivoting, attacking, defending and space awareness.



Netskills Manual 2

Gillian Lee (2001)Net Skills 2

Sixteen training sessions set out step by step for coaches to use as they a complete training program, or to supplement your current training program. With over a hundred drills coaches are provided with a complete training guide for a season. Primarily developed for players aged 12-16, all activities can be used when coaching players from 10 years old through to senior elite players.



Netskills Manual 3

Gillian Lee (2001)

This manual contains a collection of 45 fun and exciting netball related  training games providing coaches and teachers with more variety in their training sessions and lessons. This manual is in an easy to use format that will assist netball coaches and teachers to inject an extra dimension into netball training sessions and lessons, keeping them fresh, lively and keeping players motivated. Games are grouped according to the main skills that can be practiced. This manual is designed for both junior and open players.



NetSkills DVD Series- Ball Handling

Gillian Leedvd_ball_handling-260x226

Activities / Drills featured on this title cover:

  • Warm-ups
  • Pivoting
  • Ball handling for pairs
  • Ball handling for individuals
  • Ball Handling for small groups
  • Ball handling for large groups.



NetSkills DVD Series- Attacking Skills

Gillian Leedvd_attacking_skills-260x226

Activities / Drills featured on this title cover:

  • Leads
  • Timing
  • Space
  • Front cut
  • Clearing leads
  • Centre passes



NetSkills DVD Series- Defending Skills

Gillian Leedvd_defendingskills-260x226

Activities / Drills featured on this title cover:

  • Shadowing
  • Blocking
  • Vision
  • Getting in front
  • Intercepting
  • Attack & defence
  • Defence throw in



NetSkills DVD Series- Training Games

Gillian Leedvd_training_games-260x226

Games featured on this title cover:

  • Warm ups
  • Ball handling
  • Attack & defence
  • Space awareness
  • Defending
  • Court positions