Updating Policy

Accreditation updating requires the completion of various related tasks within a four (4) year period following the successful completion of a Bench Officials Accreditation, unless a higher level of accreditation is achieved.

Course Updating Requirements

Further recommended updating activities, which can replace one practical officiating requirement, include:

  • Attend a Course Presenters/Assessors course.
  • Present a State Bench Officials professional development workshop.
  • Complete the Netball Australia Online Level One Umpires’ Course.
  • Complete the ASC introductory Officiating General principles course.

Updating Process

Submit completed updating form to the relevant Member Organisation. Updating log/form must be signed by current National Bench Official or Member Organisation at time of participation.

Click here for the Updating Form

Please forward completed form and documents to accreditation@netballq.org.au


If a Bench Official does not update their accreditation within the specified four year period, Netball Australia may:

  • require the official to re-do the entire training program;
  • or require the official to undertake a specified number of activities as determined by Netball Australia.