Why is the BIOME important? 

Biome Operating Model Diagram

* it creates zero distance between the customer and those designing the offering;
* it cultivates an ecosystem of thriving inter-dependent "microenterprises" with a shared purpose;
* it minimumises viable bureaucracy so information can flow as freely as possible across the system:
* it creates clear strategy and operational priorities with shared responsibility for system-wide KPIs;
* it is adaptable and flexible to cater for different needs and local conditions;
* it uses resources as efficiently as possible removing friction in the system;
* it creates ways of working which embed and reward, sharing and collaboration;
* it focuses the majority of the workforce on high-value, people focused activities rather than administration; 
* it improves capacity and capability through use of technology and digital solutions; and
* it maximises the positive social impact netball has on communities. 

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