Coaching Opportunities

Netball Queensland advertise coaching positions for clubs/Associations/Regions /Schools. If you wish to submit an advertisement to be posted on our website please email:
All submissions must include the following details:
– Name of school, club, Association or Region
– Positions required
– Time commitment for both games and training (ie: days/nights, times and venue)
– Level of coaching accreditation if applicable
– Remuneration details if you are offering payment
– Contact details for applications
– Closing date for applications
– General information about the club



Netball Australia have requested the following information be circulated to teachers regarding upcoming opportunities for touring teams with School Sports Australia:



School Sport Australia has approved the participation of the School Sport Australia Girls Netball International Touring Team to New Zealand from late May to early June 2019.

I seek your support in distributing this email and the attachments to teachers from your jurisdiction as I am inviting applications for the following tour official positions:

  • Tour Leader
  • Coach
  • Assistant Coach
  • Sports Trainer

Teachers interested in applying for any of the positions should do so on the enclosed Application Form. It should be noted that applications are accepted on the understanding that some costs will be incurred by applicants and leave is granted by the respective Education Departments or relevant employer of the applicant. This also includes any costs associated with schools replacing teachers appointed to the positions. Questions on teacher relief funding are to be addressed with the relevant State / Territory School Sport Unit.

Applications are to be submitted using the appropriate attached form to the SSA Office via email at: Please note that one form is for the Tour Leader, Coach and Assistant Coach positions. There is a separate form for the Sports Trainer position. I ask all jurisdictions to ensure that applications are completely correctly with all required documentation before you endorse the application and forward it to the SSA Office. If they are not completed correctly they will not be considered.

The cost for officials is expected to be approximately $1,000 (to be confirmed).

Further details regarding costs and the itinerary are available from the Netball National Secretary, Paula Nielsen via mobile phone on 0401 123 132 or via email at:

Applications close at 5:00 PM (AEST) on 29 June 2018.

Yours sincerely,


Michael Grant

school sport australia

T: +61 3 9067 8601

M: +61 438 337 857

A: Sports House, 375 Albert Road, Albert Park, Victoria, 3206



Click here for Tour Officials Application Form – Coaches, Manager 

Click here for Tour Officials Application Form – Sports Trainers



Name of Association, club, Region or school:


St Margaret’s Anglican Girls School

Name of Association, Club, Region or School: St Margaret’s Anglican girls school
Position: Netball Coach
Time Commitment: Sat am games and 2x training sessions/week
Accreditation level Foundation or experience
Remuneration: $25.00 per hour
Contact Details Gayle
Closing Date: Starting immediately
General information about Association, Club, Region or School: QGSSSA school competition played weekly during term 3