Coaching Opportunities

Netball Queensland advertise coaching positions for clubs/Associations/Regions /Schools. If you wish to submit an advertisement to be posted on our website please email:

All submissions must include the following details:

– Name of school, club, Association or Region

– Positions required

– Time commitment for both games and training (ie: days/nights, times and venue)

– Level of coaching accreditation if applicable

– Remuneration details if you are offering payment

– Contact details for applications

– Closing date for applications

– General information about the club




Name of Association, club, Region or school:

Name of Association, Club, Region or School:  Somerville House Netball Club @ MDNA,  Coorparoo
Position: Coach
Time Commitment:  Tues. 6.30-7.30pm, Saturdays 4.30pm
Accreditation level  Just experienced
Remuneration:  $25 per hour
Contact Details  Elizabeth :
Closing Date:  none – just asap
General information about Association, Club, Region or School:  A school based club, run by volunteer parents.  A decent team (14-15 yrs) in Div. 2 that need a motivated, competitive, experienced coach.  Lovely girls, AND lovely parents – a bonus! We just lost our coach and need someone urgently please