Coach and Umpire Development Opportunity



The 2016 ANZC home games provide an ideal opportunity to build coaches and umpires understanding of the high performance environment by running facilitated workshops entitled ‘Get in the Know’ around these games. With coaches and umpires working together and sharing their respective views around reading the game, the outcome should enhance a whole game understanding for all. The learning and attraction for the participants is heightened by the Firebirds Assistant coach sharing brief pre and post-game information and thoughts about their game plan and the opposition. Participants will also have a workbook to focus their learning during the game and each will be expected to share their observations and thoughts.


At every ANZC Queensland Firebirds home game up to 15 coaches and 5 umpires (total 20) will experience this exciting coach development opportunity that includes the following:

  • Pre-game and post-game discussions lead by the facilitator
  • Pre-game and post–game Firebird’s Coach or Assistant coach (briefing and debriefing)
  •  Catering – finger food
  • Ticket to the Firebirds home game – all seated together
  • During game discussions and workbook tasks

Participants will assemble an hour before the game and will finish the session no more than 30 minutes after the game. Netball Queensland General Manager – Community & Sport Development and former Silver Ferns and ANZC coach Leigh Gibbs will facilitate the sessions. At each venue a meeting room and catering will be required


COST: $55 per game

Participants can register for more than 1 game but if more register than there are spaces at each game, preference will be given to first time registrations. If less than 15 coaches register for a workshop more spaces will be available for the umpires and visa versa.


Open to coaches with minimum Foundation qualification and umpires with a C badge. The workshops may also provide an opportunity to recognise NQ’s identified/appointed coaches and umpires by inviting them to attend at no charge.


Complete the registration form and payment on MyNetball. The Accreditation Officer will look after all registration requirements. Ticketing for each of the workshops to be looked after by Events.


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