2016 Suzuki State Series



Due to the change in public holidays for 2016, the dates and venues of the Suzuki State Series have been required to change.


Dates and venues for the 2016 Suzuki State Series are as follows:

Suzuki State Age Championship – July 8, 9 and 10 @ South Coast Netball Association

Suzuki Country Carnival – August 7 and 8 @ Venue TBC

Suzuki Challenge Carnival – September 17, 18 and 19 @ Townsville City Netball Association


Please note that there will be no changes to the Competition rules for the 2016 Suzuki State Series.



Are all three Suzuki State Series events going ahead?

Yes. There will be no change in 2016.  All three Suzuki State Events will be held.

Are the ages for the three Suzuki State Series events changing in 2016?

No. The age groups involved in these events will not be changing in 2016.

Are the host cities/venues changing from what was previously published?

No. The host Associations are staying the same.  Townsville City Netball Association and South Coast Netball Association will host events.  A Country Carnival host is still yet to be confirmed.

What is changing is that Townsville will now host Challenge Carnival and South Coast will host State Age Championships (swapping around).

What factors have been impacting on the decisions for these in events in 2016?

There are many factors that have contributed to the decision-making on dates:
– Change to public holiday dates;
– Conflicting major events being held in the host cities (e.g. Groovin The Moo concert, Townsville Show, V8 Supercars);
– Player, volunteer and staff welfare considerations and the need to allow adequate space between big events;
– Contractual agreements and obligations between NQ and host Netball Associations and funding bodies (i.e. local government);
– Athlete eligibility criteria within competition rules; and
– Feedback and consultation with members.

Why has the change of location and dates been announced so late?

Netball Queensland has been working tirelessly on investigating options, reviewing all factors (as listed above) and juggling competing interests and inputs.  We have consulted the host Associations and all major stakeholders along the way to ensure the best possible outcome, considering all factors.  It has not been an easy one to solve and by doing our due diligence and consulting, things of course take longer.

Why has NQ determined these venues and dates?

Netball Queensland is honouring the existing signed contracts and host agreements with both members, Townsville City Netball Association and South Coast Netball Association.

It was deemed very important, if at all possible, to honour our commitments to these Members to host the State events.  Information had been circulated previously that Townsville City and South Coast would be hosting these events so we have worked with these Associations to secure dates that work.

Is the weather and heat in Townsville in September an issue?

In Queensland, heat and weather will always be a potential issue. The Heat Policy will be in place and closely monitored throughout the event and appropriate measures will be taken if required. Please note that there will be multiple water tanks available and Associations have the opportunity to hire tents or bring their own tents to provide shade to their players.

Why isn’t State Age being held on the Labour Day/May long weekend?

The NQ Board considered moving the State Age Championships to the May long weekend.  However the Board unanimously agreed this was not possible given a large JJJ Music Festival being held in Townville on that weekend, in close proximity to the Netball venue.  Additionally, accommodation and transport were also concerns. Therefore this move was ruled out.

The Challenge Carnival is being held in September which is later than usual.

Holding a Suzuki State Event in September is later than in previous years however in the consultation process, several advantages arose from having the event later in the year:
– More training and “team building” time for representative teams;
– More time for Associations/Regions to conduct and attend “in-house” carnivals or local competitions in the lead up to the State Events;
– Opportunity for State Age Championship Coaches to assist and mentor Challenge Carnival Coaches;
– Holding the events later in the year will allow athletes, coaches and Associations to have a break in the end of 2015/early 2016 (i.e. they do not have to trial so early for events in 2016);
– Holding the event in school holidays limits the additional time off from school for students.
We understand that for some a September event may extend their netball season by a week or so however on the balance of all factors, this was not assessed as being an over-riding disadvantage.


We also understand that with all sporting competitions held in schools holidays, there are those that will be unable to attend due to family holidays away or school trips.