Key Nissan State Age Championship information


  • The competition draw is here! Click here to access it.
  • Opening ceremony kicks off at 7am sharp on Wednesday 5 July and includes a special active living warm-up by Lorna Jane! Please ensure you allow plenty of time to reach the club house and take your position for the ceremony.
  • Click here to access the Nissan State Age Championship site map. Please note the bus drop-off zones and follow all instructions from parking attendants throughout the tournament.
  • Click here to access the Nissan State Age Championship court layout.
  • Click here to find out where your association’s tent will be situated throughout the tournament.

Preliminary Pools and Rounds

  • There are 31 pools in total each comprising 7 or 8 teams (27 Pools contain 8 teams and 4 pools contain 7 teams).
  • Each team plays every team in their pool within the first half of the event, therefore preliminary rounds are completed by early Friday (day 3) morning.
  • At the completion of preliminary rounds, teams will be ranked from 1st to 8th in their pool.
  • Within each respective age group, the 1st placed team from each preliminary pool will be placed in Playoff Pool A, 2nd placed team into Playoff Pool B etc down to 8th placed team into Playoff Pool H.

Playoff Pools

  • The number of Playoff Pools will match the number of Preliminary Pools.
  • Within the Playoff Pools each team will player every other team – a total of 7 games.
  • The Champion team for the age group will be the team that finishes top of Playoff Pool A.
  • Finals placings are determined by finishing position at end of the play-off rounds.


  • Teams will play 14 rounds across 4 1/2 days.
  • Games will be 2×15 minute halves with 2 minutes for half-time
  • There are no semi-finals or grand-finals.
  • Teams are awarded points based finishing position – 1st place = 100 points, 2nd place = 99 points down to final position. These will contribute toward some of the awards for 2017. The will also impact on awards for 2018 where we will recognise and reward improvement from year to year of teams and associations.
  • Draw for Playoff rounds will be available approximately 60 minutes after your team’s last Preliminary Pool match. The format and number of games will be a mirror image of the first half of the event, although your game times may vary slightly.
  • The format is slightly different this year, with fewer but longer games. As a guide, a typical day might look like the following:0950 – Preparation – strapping, team discussion

    1005 – Physical warm up

    1020 – Game 1

    1055 – End game and warm down

    1115 – Snack and hydrate

    1130 – Match debrief with coach

    1140 – Watch next opponent or other pool team

    1215 – Free time

    1245 – Preparation

    1300 – Warm up

    1315 – Game 2

    Repeat above process in preparation for Game 3