Be smart with your head when it comes to concussion

Netball Queensland are pleased to announce its new partnership with HeadSmart in 2018.

Just like any other competitive sport played in Australia, concussion is a major risk factor for netball players.

The likelihood of suffering concussion from a stray elbow/shoulder, head clash, or from hitting the hard court is relatively high.

Consequently, so is the need for correct and quick diagnosis to ensure health issues don’t later arise.

Netball Queensland’s new partnership with HeadSmart allows associations/clubs and parents to have far greater awareness of a player’s condition after a major or minor head knock, in addition to seeking expert medical advice at the appropriate time.

Through the HeadSmart app, the primary carer/parent can do a quick sideline assessment on their mobile device and if appropriate, locate the nearest doctor.

If the player has already completed their HeadSmart baseline assessment, they can retake this test (at no additional cost) and it will provide the doctor with a personalised and accurate indication of any signs of concussion.

This enables the doctor to compare a pre and post-concussion assessment of your player or child, to provide objective information and take the guess work out of concussion management.

Netball Queensland has implemented this program with all State Team representatives in 2018, as well as the Lorna Jane Queensland Firebirds.

In partnership with HeadSmart, Netball Queensland will provide the same service to all Netball Queensland participants to ensure peace of mind for parents and carers.

Netball Queensland and HeadSmart are offering netballers a 20% discount from the normal yearly $25 fee.

To take advantage of the reduced $20 price, parents/carers can register at and use the codeword NETBALLQLD to undertake the baseline assessment.