Walking Netball sponsor BallyCara partners NQ

Maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle for older Queenslanders is the focus of the new partnership between Netball Queensland and BallyCara, who have been named the sponsors of the Walking Netball competition.

Netball Queensland welcomes BallyCara as its Active Ageing Partner and sponsor of the Walking Netball competition designed to help older Queenslanders maintain physical exercise in a safe and social environment

Walking Netball is a variation of netball, designed for people who, for a range of reasons are looking for their sporting experience at a slower pace through modified rules.

The first Walking Netball Carnival is taking place at the Queensland State Netball Centre on 8 September.

Netball Queensland CEO Catherine Clark said the partnership with BallyCara was a great strategic fit, bringing together two organisations with a shared passion for the health and wellbeing of older Queenslanders.

“We are breaking new ground through this partnership with BallyCara.  We know that sport not only supports healthy bodies, it builds our social fabric, it builds communities.  BallyCara understand this and they know the valuable role Walking Netball will play in fostering healthy people and healthy communities, especially for our older Queenslanders,” she said.

“Physical activity is important at every age and maintaining fitness and good health is possible for older Queenslanders just as much as it is for younger people.”

Ms Clark said the partnership would ensure the continued growth of the sport, along with services to the game.

“We now welcome more than 250 walking netballers every week, helping people with a broad range of skills and abilities add regular exercise to their routine.

“But we shouldn’t underestimate the social benefits. They are really significant, with friendships and social networks being built on a foundation of collegial competition,” Ms Clark said.

Walking Netball rules include four seconds to pass the ball (instead of three), an extra step on catching the ball to help players to stabilise themselves before passing the ball, and players must be four feet away when defending.

BallyCara CEO Marcus Riley said: “BallyCara is thrilled to be partnering with Netball Queensland with both organisations sharing the vision of health and wellness to all ages and supporting the physical, mental and social benefits of active ageing.

“We have long seen the benefits of ageing well through our various wellness programs for seniors throughout South East Queensland and the partnership with Netball Queensland will further enhance our focus and dedication of encouraging and supporting all ages to live a healthy and happy life.

“We look forward to being a part of the netball family and engaging with communities across the state.”

Netball Queensland and BallyCara look forward to a continuous and supportive Active Ageing partnership.