Play Netball 2020 sign-on campaign

Netball Queensland will soon be launching its sign-on campaign, Play Netball 2020, which is the primary activity to drive netball participation for the year. It is a major exercise and it is important that Associations and Clubs understand their responsibilities to ensure everyone has a seamless experience.

For experienced netball administrators, this campaign will be a little different to previous years and we want to spell out those differences to ensure there is ample preparation time for everyone.

Launch date:

Registrations through MyNetball will be live from 15 January, 2020.

Why that date?

Netball Queensland takes a holistic approach to growing netball and is focused on what is best for everyone. Last year we received consistent feedback about volunteers and staff working on New Year’s Day (and through the holiday period). We feel that everyone deserves a break from netball to enjoy time with family and friends.

Our goal is to welcome back a workforce that is happy, refreshed and raring to go for a big year of netball in 2020!

So, what will be different this year?

As Netball Queensland transforms and modernises we are moving towards a self-service mode of operation. This means we are developing resources that enable our customers – clubs and associations, along with participants – to get the answers to their questions at the click of a mouse, any time of day or night.

Our online resources, which can be found here, are designed to help you answer questions as Associations and Clubs get ready for the registration period. There is a handy checklist that will help you ensure your organisation is ready for the registration period.

In previous years Netball Queensland has offered a more hands-on approach but this year we have moved to a self-service model and have created a suite of online resources to help Associations and Clubs step through their preparation for registrations.

Is anything the same?

Yes, our fees. For the third consecutive year our fees will remain static – no increases. We have done this partly because our focus remains on growing our grassroots participation numbers. Also, our goal is to deliver the best value for our members and we believe our fees enable us to deliver outstanding value to the sport. It’s our way of giving back.

A reminder on our fee structure:

  • NetSetGO: $80.30 (NA $25.30, NQ $55)
  • Junior: $90
  • Senior: $90
  • Non-playing member – coach: $35
  • Non-playing member – umpire: $35
  • Other non-playing member: $35
Anything else?

Yes, one last thing. We’re hiring! We’ll add temporary team members to our workforce to help with the bulk of the busy registration period. This will ensure continuity of service and a seamless registration process for all stakeholders.

If you’re interested in taking on a temporary role with Netball Queensland and love using MyNetball, along with being very familiar with the registration process, keep an eye out for more information in following emails. All successful candidates will receive training in Brisbane and support to carry out this role.

By recruiting from our heartland, it’s another way that we are giving back to the netball community.

That’s exciting!

It really is! Netball Queensland is embracing the future and we’re stepping into the 21st century with our technological solutions to netball questions.

By now all Associations and Clubs have been notified of our campaign to promote netball participation in 2020 and we urge you to ensure you have begun preparations.

How can I find out more?

Our Play Netball email newsletter will be coming out regularly for Associations and Clubs, designed to keep everyone informed every step of the way about our campaign and the progress we’re making.

If you know someone at an Association or Club level who needs to be informed and updated with information from Netball Queensland, please forward this email.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page, here. If you can’t find the answers you need please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing