A Weekend of Highs & Lows for QLD Fusion

A Weekend of Highs & Lows for QLD Fusion

Coming off a bye, Queensland Fusion hit the court running in Week 5 of the 2013 Australian Netball League (ANL) defeating the Netball NSW Blues in Friday’s game, but conceding defeat to the Victorians in Saturday and Sunday’s games.

Friday 2 August – Queensland Fusion v Netball NSW Blues: Queensland Fusion got off to a flying start on Friday, winning the first of their three Week 5 matches with a solid victory over the Netball NSW Blues, 62:57. Fusion led at the end of the first and second quarters finishing 15:14 and 32:26 respectively. But the NNSW Blues weren’t going down without a fight and came back strong in the third quarter to level the score 44-all. Fusion Coach Kylee Byrne made major player changes going into the fourth quarter which made an immediate impact on the game as her team surged forward scoring goals in quick succession to win the game with a 5-point lead.

Queensland Fusion Starting Lineup: GS Ameliaranne Wells, GA Stephanie Wood, WA Nicola Gray, C Claire Haigh, WD Jacqui Russell, GD Rachel Forbes, GK Laura Clemesha

Positional Changes: Q2 – C Laura Scherian / Q3 – GD Meegan Bruggemann / Q4 – GS Tiata Baldwin, GD Rachel Forbes, WA Laura Scherian, C Jacqui Russell

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores: Queensland Fusion: 15, 32, 44, 62 / NNSW Blues: 14, 26, 44, 57

Shooting Stats:

Queensland Fusion: Ameliaranne Wells 24/30 @ 80% / Stephanie Wood 25/27 @ 93% / Tiata Baldwin 13/16 @ 81%

NNSW Blues: Vanessa Mullampy 33/37 @ 89% / Holly Pearce: 24/31 @ 77%

Saturday 3 August – Queensland Fusion v Victorian Fury: Queensland Fusion were in a good position going into Saturday’s game against Victorian Fury, finishing a very tight first quarter with a one goal advantage 14:13 and level at the end of the second quarter on 31-all. But the game slipped away from them in the third quarter when Fury secured a 6-point lead. Despite their best efforts, Fusion struggled to catch up and the gap continued to widen in the fourth quarter with Fury winning the game 14 goal victors, 69:55.

Queensland Fusion Starting Lineup: GS Tiata Baldwin, GD Meegan Bruggemann, WD Rachel Forbes, C Jacqui Russell, WA Laura Scherian, GK Emma Tickner, GA Stephanie Wood

Positional Changes: Q2 – C Nicola Gray, Q4 – WA Nicola Gray, GS Ameliaranne Wells

Quarter-by-Quarter Scores: Queensland Fusion: 14, 31, 47, 55 / Victorian Fury: 13, 31, 51, 69

Shooting Stats:

Queensland Fusion: Tiata Baldwin 29/36 (81%) / Stephanie Wood 24/30 (80%) / Ameliaranne Wells 2/3

Victorian Fury: Mwai Kumwenda 56/57 (98%) / Erin McCarthy 13/14 (93%)

Sunday 4 August – Queensland Fusion v Victoria Flames: Queensland Fusion played hard in Sunday’s match against the Victorian Flames, but the Flames dominated every quarter to win the game 60:51. A nail-biting last quarter saw only three points separate the two teams with five minutes remaining on the clock, then the Flames regrouped and stormed ahead to finish with a 9-point lead. Throughout the entire match, the teams were evenly matched in skill and determination.

Queensland Fusion Starting Lineup: GS Beryl Friday, GD Meegan Bruggemann, GK Laura Clemesha, WA Claire Haigh, WD Jacqui Russell, C Laura Scherian, GA Ameliaranne Wells

Positional Changes: Q2 – GS Tiata Baldwin, GA Stephanie Wood, Q4 – WA Nicola Gray, GD Emma Tickner

Quarter by Quarter: Queensland Fusion: 8, 23, 37, 51 / Victorian Flames: 13, 30, 44, 60

Shooting Stats:

Queensland Fusion: Beryl Friday: 5/3 (60%) / Ameliaranne Wells: 7/5 (71%) / Tiata Baldwin: 38/29 (76%) / Stephanie Wood: 17/14 (82%)

Victorian Flames: Megan Fitzpatrick: 33/27 (82%) / Alice Teague-Neeld: 40/33 (83%)