AIS Start off Season with a Victory

AIS start off season with a victory

The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has had an explosive start to the season, defeating the Western Sting 63-33 in Round 1 of the Australian Netball League (ANL) at the University of Sunshine Coast Health and Sport Centre on Saturday, July 6.

The Western Sting came out strong with quick and aggressive play however, it was the AIS who shot out in front due to their skilful teamwork and strong defence.

The AIS’ hardworking midcourt continued to feed the ball to goal shooter Kristina Brice, whose accuracy and skill gave them a 13-point lead by half time.

The third quarter saw the Western Sting find a solid rhythm as they fought to close the wide point margin.

Despite the Sting’s endurance and drive to work the ball down the court, it was the AIS whose unbeatable attack and fluid teamwork lead them to victory.


Quarter by Quarter

Western Sting 6, 16, 25, 33

AIS 16, 29, 48, 63

Shooting Stats

Western Sting

Sarah East 3/7 @ 43%

Lisa Millman 11/14 @ 79%

Ellie Smart 12/20 @ 60%

Arahi Wall 7/12 @ 58%

Team 33/53 @ 62%


Kristina Brice 35/42 @ 83%

Cody Lang 8/9 @ 89%

Gretel Tippett 9/12 @ 75%

Kaylia Stanton 11/13 @ 84%

Team 63/76 @ 83