Performance Framework

High Performance Program

The purpose of Netball Queensland’s High Performance Program is to FIND, DEVELOP and POLISH local talent with the ultimate goal of Queensland being over represented within National programs including the Super Netball League (SNL). 

Since 1938, only nine Queensland born players have represented Australia, representing less than 1% of Diamonds. Our target of 25% representation is ambitious and includes the Diamonds Squad and the National 21U, 19U and 17U squads. 

In additional to this, we aspire to have 25% of all Australian Super Netball League (SNL) contracted players hail from Queensland or be players, coaches and umpires who have spent significant time within Queensland based programs.

    Competition Framework

    Netball Queensland aims to effectively utilise the Competition Framework to facilitate opportunities for players, coaches and officials to pursue their netball dreams. The objectives of the Netball Queensland Competition Framework are listed below:

    1. To provide affordable and accessible competition structures that enable players, coaches and officials of all levels to play at a level appropriate to their capability
    2. The appropriate standard of netball means one that ensures participants are challenged, but don’t always dominate or are consistently out of their depth
    3. To ensure an appropriate volume of netball to ensure participants can meet their training and playing requirements and maintain a lifelong passion for the game
    4. To reduce the risk of cost being an inhibitor to accessing the appropriate level of competition
    5. Ensure all competition structures have a clear purpose and fit into the broader context of Netball Queensland Competitions to aid with player, coach and umpire retention and progression as appropriate

    The image below describes how the various competitions, development programs and teams selected by Netball Queensland link to provide a framework that has multiple opportunities for talent including players, coaches and officials.

    Of particular importance is the notion, that if a person misses selection at an early stage this DOES NOT preclude them from selection later on. Talent that is not engaged at 16U or 18U level may still enter the Elite Development Program via the Ruby and Sapphire Series competitions.

    For more information relating to the selection process for the Queensland 17U and 19U teams please click here

    The following image describes the opportunities for players, coaches and umpires to pursue their netball dreams via the Competitions managed and delivered by Netball Queensland.

    Netball Queensland provides a Competition Calendar with all available information by November annually, to allow Associations to plan their year.  Naturally from time to time, changes are required, however Associations can always refer to the link below for the most up to date version of Netball Queensland’s Competition Calendar.

    Please note Netball Queensland do coordinate the Vicki Wilson Cup / Shield and Primary Schools Cup competitions which involve schools but do not determine which schools participate.