Golden Beach Netball Cloth a Cambodian Village

Golden Beach Netball cloth a cambodian village

CHILDREN from the Cambodian village of Makak are sporting new uniforms after Golden Beach Netball Club donated more than 70 shirts and skirts as part of Caloundra State High School’s World Challenge expedition.

Golden Beach Netball Club president Judy Morcom said the seed was planted when her 15-year-old daughter Sarah (pictured wearing yellow skirt with fellow students and teachers) came home from Caloundra High with a letter regarding the expedition.

“Through the school, Sarah had signed up to the World Challenge Expeditions which is an international organisation assisting students in travelling to developing countries,” Judy said.

“The three week trip to Cambodia and Laos took about 18 months of planning but Sarah was keen from the outset to be involved.

“We received a note from the school asking for items including books, pencils and sporting equipment for the group to take with them to hand over to the village.”

Golden Beach Netball Club had purchased all team uniforms before loaning them out to players which Judy said worked well financially for members but left the club with the problem of what to do with the uniforms when they reach their use-by-date.

“We had a committee meeting and everyone was very happy to donate something worthwhile to the expedition,” she said.

“People don’t want old uniforms so donating them to the village was the perfect solution and we’d have no problem doing it again.

“If people have old uniforms lying around they should do what we did and see if they can find a World Challenge school nearby or a similar organisation.”

Judy said, by coincidence, the Makak Village school colours are similar to those of Golden Beach Netball Club.

“Amazingly, when the teachers from Caloundra High actually asked the school in Cambodia what their school colours were they said yellow,” she said.

“I didn’t get told this until I dropped off the box of uniforms to the school and the teachers looked at me in amazement as they had no idea our club colours included yellow or that I was bringing so many.”

Golden Beach Netball Club weren’t the only ones to pitch in with AFL equipment and packs of pencils also among the donated items.