June ‘Eyes on the Ball’ winner


Congratulations to Phoebe Maher from Southport Carrara 16’s Division 2 Premier League Team where the inspiration came from for her wonderful blog on why her team is so fabulous.

Phoebe has won this great prize, including a Mission Queensland Firebirds signed poster and keyring, a Netball Queensland T-500 Gilbert ball and a host of other assorted prizes.

When it comes to positions in netball we all know centre is the best. Or is it? Playing goal shooter is where all the glory is, but is it too much pressure? What about the defenders? They are the last hope to stop the ball so is that the best place to play?

What do you think what is the best position on a netball court and why?

For the month of July we want you to send us your position on the best position.

So start writing! Send your entry to [email protected] and you could win an amazing prize pack just like Phoebe.

And don’t forget to keep your Eyes on the Ball.

Click here to read Phoebe’s blog.