Men’s netball comp a hit with the blokes


There are no skirts, shaved legs or ponytails to be seen on court one in the men’s netball competition at the Hibiscus Sports Complex at Mt Gravatt, but there is still a pink netball so perhaps you can’t completely take the girl out of the sport!

The new men’s only competition has kicked off for 2014 and netball addict Rikki Sands along with his fellow teammates playing for More Balls than Sense are more than happy to talk up a sport that is predominately played by girls and women.

“Why not play a sport where there is a 10-1 female ratio, girls in short skirts running around, if you can’t beat them, join them,” Sands said.

“It is good to get the men’s competition up and running and to get some development and bring the young guys into netball and grow the sport,” Sands said.

38-year-old Sands, who incredibly has been playing netball for 18 years and has played both indoor and outdoor netball at a State level and at Nationals said he prefers the all men’s competition over the popular mixed option due to its competitiveness.

“I prefer to play in an all men’s team as when you are playing mixed netball with the ladies you tend to have to pull back a bit but with the men, if everyone is on the same page we can go full on with a bit of bump and hustle and no one is worried about it as long as there is no malice,” Sands said.

Still heavily involved in netball with five daughters ranging from the ages of 2-18 years, Sands said he now only plays for fun and to keep out of mischief!

“I used to play State but I am getting older now so it is more just for social and fitness,” Sands said.

More Balls than Sense is one of six competing in the men’s competition played on Tuesday nights.

There are also women’s competitions running on Monday, Tues and Wednesday nights with over 81 women’s teams and six men’s involved.

If you are interested in joining a team or want to form your own, you can do so by contacting the State Netball Centre on 07 3422 0647, or [email protected]


Photo (From left to right) Rikki Sands, Caleb Meredith, Jamie Thomas, Russell Cook, Alby Waititi and Jake Schuster.