Netball Queensland Hot Topic #2

In 2015 Netball Queensland’s premier state-wide competitions will continue!

There will still be 19 teams from Queensland’s 12 regions participating and will be known as the Mission Queensland State Netball League with seven teams in Division One and 12 teams in Division Two.

The ONLY differences:

  • management of the teams will be transferred to Associations
  • matches will be scheduled on Tuesdays where possible

To help, here is a hit list of questions;


Why is Netball Queensland removing the regions who have been managing the teams?

The current arrangement with regions does not have Netball Queensland engaging directly with its members; our 82 Associations. At times, the services and support delivered by Netball Queensland through the regions has been fragmented and competing with Netball Queensland. The business decision has been made to reduce a level of governance in the sport and see Netball Queensland working directly with its members.


What is the purpose of combining these competitions?

Combining the two competitions into one will make it simple to administer and manage with only one set of competition rules and one commercial manual. The decision was made to reduce the work load that previously saw two sets of rules and manuals that were very similar in purpose.

The vision for the Mission Queensland State Netball League is:

  • Division One – to involve competitive and intense match play on a regular basis in order to best develop the next crop of elite netballers in the state.
  • Division Two – to remain a true state-wide competition with all 12 geographic regions represented and providing a pathway to the MQSNL Division One.


As a player how do I nominate for State League 2015?

There will be no change to the current process for selecting teams.

Players will nominate through their Association and Netball Queensland will advertise/ communicate the dates and venues as soon as they are finalised.


What team can I represent?

Players must be a registered member of one of Netball Queensland’s 82 Associations.

Players can nominate for selection in their regional team of choice as per the current process.


How do Associations gain management of the teams?

Netball Queensland is conducting an Expressions of Interest for Associations to hold a licence for one year in the State League. This document will be made available in October 2014.

Associations will be asked to provide information and address minimum criteria including financial position, player, coach and umpire pathways, historical data relating to teams, and governance including volunteer management.


Will a successful Association become more dominant in the region?

The Association that wins the licence will only be responsible for managing the State League team.

The rules will continue to require that players be selected from the region’s current nomination and trial process.

Every Association in the region will receive the same access to Netball Queensland servicing and development.

Players can still play local/club level netball at a different Association. 


Will the rest of the Associations in that region be disadvantaged?

12 representative players do not determine the strength of an Association.

Providing a safe and friendly environment to play netball, coaching, good governance and clear pathways are the keys to developing players and building Associations’ strengths.

Netball Queensland will continue to provide the current pathways of development for players, coaches and umpires.

Netball Queensland will be providing increased coaching programs and resources for all of its members.


What happens to the team names?

Netball Queensland is the owner of the team names, the team logos, team branding and the team dress design of the 12 teams. Successful bids will mean Associations are granted a team licence to compete in the State League and will be awarded the rights to use that intellectual property for that year.

It’s the same model as Netball Queensland being granted a licence for the Firebirds to compete in the ANZ Championship, which is run by the Trans-Tasman Netball League (TTNL).


What will it cost Associations to manage a State League team?

Netball Queensland will continue to pay for:

  • travel, including flights, car-hire, bus
  • accommodation
  • umpires including travel
  • venue
  • bench officials
  • umpire development

The successful Association will pay a minimal fee of $5,000 per team for the licence.


What will it cost players, who are selected to represent a State League team?

It depends on the Association the player is selected to represent.

The successful Association and its sponsors will be responsible for such items as the team’s dress, training kit, coaches and support staff.


What happens to the current team sponsors?

Sponsors will continue to have a vital role in supporting the teams in the State League.

The purpose of the sponsorship and benefits will not change; the legal agreements will need to be changed from Region to Association. Netball Queensland will assist in the guidance of this change.


If you have any further questions or queries Netball Queensland will be happy to answer them.

Please email OR log on to the members portal.