Netball Queensland Hot Topic #1


Netball Queensland is rolling out a change to how we deliver our services across the state to decrease duplication and increase consistency.

For most of our 250 000 members, associates and supporters there will be NO change or impact.

To help, here is a list of questions and answers!


Why is Netball Queensland removing the regions?

The current arrangement with regions does not have Netball Queensland engaging directly with its members; our 82 Associations. At times, the services and support delivered by Netball Queensland through the regions has been fragmented and competing with Netball Queensland. The business decision has been made to reduce a level of governance in the sport and see Netball Queensland working directly with its members.


Will there still be a State League?

A State League will be offered for the 2015 season, with two divisions and will commence in May. The management of the teams will be offered to Associations and the process for this is being finalised by Netball Queensland and will be released very soon.


Who will pay for the 2015 State League?

Netball Queensland will continue to pay for:

  • travel
  • accommodation
  • umpires
  • venue
  • bench officials
  • umpire development


What happens to the team sponsors?

Sponsors will continue to have a vital role in supporting the teams around Queensland. The purpose of the sponsorship and benefits will not change; the legal agreements will need to be changed from Region to Association.


Will there be any changes to the Regional Academy?

YES – The 12 Regional Academies will continue in each region with the exciting introduction of the Netball Queensland Academy, for up to 30 athletes for further development, that will bring Queensland into line with netball programs offered in other states and other Australian sports.


When can we find out more about the Regional Academy?

Netball Queensland will release all the details for the 2015 program next week.


Will the processes for accreditation be changed?

Associations will now be able to contact a Netball Queensland accreditation officer directly to apply for a course to be conducted in their area.


Who will provide the umpire and coaching development in the regions?

Netball Queensland will continue to provide umpire and coach development and it will be improved through the introduction of the Netball Queensland Umpiring Development Plan in 2015.


If you have any further questions or queries Netball Queensland will be happy to answer them.

Please email  OR log on to the members portal.