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Netball Australia’s popular ANZ NetSetGO program continues to go from strength to strength with a record number of children participating in the program in 2014 with Cairns Netball Association still leading as the biggest NetSetGo centre in the country.

Over the last 12 months Netball Queensland has seen 12,591 children aged between five and 10 experiencing ANZ NetSetGO, the introductory program for netball, making up a large percentage of the 145,650 particpants at centres right around Australia.

That’s an increase of just over 61 per cent on the 2013 enrolment numbers. The number of centres Australia-wide offering ANZ NetSetGO also grew significantly from just over 1000 to 1687 by the end of the year.

With the Netball Queensland ‘Play Netball Anywhere’ sign-on campaign starting next week Sport, Development and Participation Manager Tahnee Norris said NetSetGO is continually on the rise in the Sunshine State with the program growing each year.

“We have seen an increase in numbers over the last year especially in Cairns and we hope to continue that in 2015 especially through school participation,” Norris said.

Cairns Netball Association was recognised by Netball Australia as the largest NetSetGO centre in the country for the second year running.

Cairns saw major growth with 650 participants in 2014, up from 375 in 2013 and NetSetGO was delivered to 14 afterschool care programs in the Cairns district.

“NetSetGO is a great way to get kids into sport and it can be run not just through Netball Associations but in schools and through private providers such as a Police Citizen Youth Club (PCYC),” Norris said.

Mission Queensland Firebirds and Australian Diamonds star Kim Ravaillion said she jumped at the chance to be the ANZ NetSetGO ambassador and loves the fact that the program encourages young kids to be active and get involved in netball.

“I enjoy having fun with the little netballers and seeing their smiling faces and introducing them to the sport I love,” Ravaillions said.

“It is so great that so many youngsters are getting out on a Saturday morning and filling the netball courts which is where I started when I was ages seven with my best friend Natalie and my twin sister Jessica.”

Ravaillion said there’s also some exciting new initiatives taking place in the program this year – including dance moves being created by Ravaillion herself.

Netball Australia’s Head of Sport Development Anne-Marie Phippard is thrilled by the continued rise in youngsters getting involved in netball through the ANZ NetSetGO program.

“One of the major attractions of ANZ NetSetGO is that parents know their children are getting a positive introduction to netball in a fun and safe environment at their local centres,” Phippard said.

“Their participation is also helping them to develop friendships and hopefully this experience will form a life-long love with the sport.

“A lot of the credit for the success in the growth of ANZ NetSetGO over the past 12 months must go to the state and territory netball bodies and  the local associations and clubs who work together to deliver the program.

“I’m delighted that the number of ANZ NetSetGO centres has significantly increased as well, especially in regional and rural areas.

“We are growing netball’s footprint across Australia.”

In 2015, the ANZ NetSetGO participant pack includes new-look items which will celebrate Australia hosting the Netball World Cup in Sydney in August.
A t-shirt includes the Netball World Cup SYDNEY 2015 logo on one of the sleeves while a new Gilbert netball is also included.

Parents can save time by registering their children in an ANZ NetSetGO program by logging onto the ANZ NetSetGO website ( and finding their nearest centre.

Visit the Netball Queensland website to re