New courts open at Underwood Park


There will be less skinned knees and playing netball in the rain from now on at Underwood Park Netball Association.

Underwood Park were successful in obtaining an upgrade to their six bitumen courts to a new flexi-pave surface and President Pauline Gregory said it not only gives members better playing conditions but also a shiny new colour and look.

“How great do our new courts look? It has been a long time coming and the colour is even growing on me,” Gregory said.

“The upgrade has helped us improve safety and playing condition, better traction for players and uninterrupted fixtures, which means we will be able to play in all non-storm weather.”

Gregory said she enjoys seeing the smiles on the player’s faces when they take the court.

“With better facilities it means better competitions and we can attract more members,” Gregory said.

Minister for National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing, Steve Dickson, Member for Springwood, MP John Grant, Councillor Pam Parker, Mayor Logan City Council and Councillor Lisa Bradley, Logan City Council were present at the official opening of the courts on Monday night.

Underwood Park received $200,000 from State Government, local Council and fundraising through the club to complete the court upgrade.

Over the last two years Underwood Park have received funding for upgrades to its facilities including lights and equipment, which recognises the hard work by the Association in increasing the participation of netball at grassroots level.