No pain for Netball Queensland to sign new partner!


Netball Queensland is excited to announce a pain-free partnership with the Headache and Pain Management Centre based in Brisbane.

In its first foray into sponsorship, the Headache and Pain Management Centre will join the Netball Queensland stable of partners as it prepares to open its second centre later this year.

Netball Queensland CEO Anna Carroll said the partnership was the result of the increased work the peak body has been doing over the past year on its social media platforms and engaged newsletter data base.

‘With our core demographic of Facebook followers and newsletter subscribers being women, and growing numbers of followers on Instagram, it was a natural fit for the business objectives of the Headache and Pain Management Centre,” Carroll said.

“It’s a new area of sponsorship for Netball Queensland and we look forward to growing the partnership over the coming years,” she said.

Director of the Headache and Pain Management Centre, physiotherapist Christopher Fawcett said Netball Queensland’s strategic plan aligned with his business focus and he is already treating quite a number of netballers with great results.

“With all types of headaches, migraine, hormonal headache and chronic pain affecting 75% more women than men the synergy was obvious,” Mr Fawcett said.

“I have also had a long history of treating lower limb problems such as ankles and knees and have been treating netballers as well as the general community with great success,” he said.

“I’m currently treating a netball umpire with chronic headaches through physiotherapy and a number of younger players so I am excited to further immerse myself and my business in understanding all types of issues affecting the sport and treating them efficiently and successfully.

“I am passionate and driven about finding the best possible solutions to people’s pain using physiotherapy.”

The Headache and Pain Management Centre joins Suzuki as Netball Queensland’s latest 2014 sponsorship signings.