Talk up your team


Only two weeks left to ‘Talk up your team’ and it will be hard to beat this great entry from Phoebe Maher.

We want you to share your favourite moment as part of the Netball Queensland ‘Eyes on the Ball’ competition.

The theme for this month’s blog is ‘Talk up your team’.

Did one of your team-mates say or do something inspirational? Did you interview your coach? Do you have the best team song? Does someone on your team always make everyone laugh and enjoy playing netball?

You could even tell us the history of your team. And make sure you send a photo before the end of June.

Send your entry to [email protected] and you could win a great prize pack.


Southport Carrara 16’s Division 2 Premier League Team

Every Wednesday night as the sun is setting, we dream about all the sleep we could be getting.

When we train, we run, we sprint, and we talk, but the most important thing is how we play on the court.

Then every Friday night to Brisbane we travel, and every time we fall we think ‘Thank god it’s not gravel’.

We play hard, show determination, encouragement and team work, we give everything we’ve got, our whole entire worth.

The Southport 16’s are currently undefeated, for all the support we have been given, was definitely needed.

We all know our part in this game we call netball, for when it comes down to it, we only live once and that’s all.

We get along well; we all love each other, for I’d take any of the girls over my own brother.

Every time we meet, there is no denial, the thing that satisfies me the most, is to see them all smile.

Bonding all the time, both on and off the court, at training it always is, ‘Who has the best shorts?’

A team and a family are one and the same thing, but my team are the ones that always make sure they bring, their game face, Sportsmanship, they are definitely not vain.

For if this year was to end, I would want to have it all again.

We spend a lot of time together, with training and playing, if it wasn’t for them, I definitely wouldn’t be saying.

Netball is my escape, where all my best girls are, the Southport 16’s are here to win, and they are all stars.

There is one special girl and her name is Ryley, she’s not one to mess with, but she is always smiling.

Even though she doesn’t get much court time, when you are with her, you are sure to be fine.

She is inspirational, hardworking and definitely funny, she is everything to our team, she’s worth no sum of money.

So when you see her next time, be sure to say hi, she’s no longer a part of our team, she had to withdraw.

But there is no surprise, there is one thing for sure, she will forever hold a place in this team we all love.

For if it wasn’t for her, on the ladder we wouldn’t be above.

Coming first, undefeated, with 16 points against our name, all of us are just a little girls that has fallen in love with this game!