Netball Queensland and NETFIT Netball have formed a partnership to grow participation and drive engagement in the grassroots netball community in Queensland.

Founded by former elite netballer and Queensland Firebird, Sarah Wall, and current Suncorp Super Netballer and former Australian Diamonds’ vice-captain, Kim Green; NETFIT Netball is an online netball app providing a range of services to encourage and inspire netballers of all ages with weekly fitness videos, nutrition, coaching drills and support for a healthy mindset.

Netball Queensland is focused on transforming lives through netball and have identified synergies with NETFIT Netball that will further this vision.

Netball Queensland’s General Manager of Marketing and Communications Chanah Mulawa said they are excited to see this partnership strengthen engagement with the Queensland netball community.

“Netball Queensland is extremely passionate about delivering education and participation opportunities to our netball community.

“Partnering with NETFIT Netball, which is largely an online platform, enables us to overcome the geographic barriers in Queensland and connect with young netballers to positively impact their lives,” Ms Mulawa said.

NETFIT Netball will leverage the local heroes of Netball Queensland’s newly formed HART Sapphire Series to deliver on the ground clinics and expand both brands in the Queensland market.

With the growing impact of social media on young people, it is equally as important to have positive influences in the digital space.

NETFIT Netball creator and owner, Sarah Wall, said partnering with Netball Queensland provides an amazing opportunity for us to give back to the sport we love.

“Having access to an already established netball base allows us to positively influence the masses and add to the work Netball Queensland are already doing to transform lives through netball”.

The NETFIT Netball app includes:

  • Fitness – Elite netball workouts, speed, footwork and agility
  • Nutrition – Eating plans and recipes
  • Wellbeing – Yoga and meditation
  • Mindset – Weekly mindset and life hack lessons
  • Coaching – Weekly coaching plans for all skill levels

For more information, or download the FREE NETFIT App

Watch the video interview with Sarah Wall, Kim Green and NETFIT’s Firebirds Ambassador Mahalia Cassidy below.