Exciting combinations for Cougars

Brisbane North Cougars


Coach – Liz White
Captain – Kate Underwood

Laura Scherian
Nadja Kundrus-Little

Sally Butters
Loren Todd


Round 1
Brisbane North Cougars v Brisbane West Lions
Saturday 9 May – 5pm

“We have 2 changes to our team Sally Butters is playing in England and has been named in the English squad for the Trinidad test match series. She has been replaced by Laura Scherian. Laura is a great replacement for Sally. She is a former Firebird and a member of the fusion Squad. Laura is a great feeder and very smart on court so will be very important in in delivering the ball to our goalers. We expect her to combine well with Mahalia Cassidy and Bronte Orreal our other centre court players.

Nadja Kundrus-Little joins our team from Jags. She replaces Loren Todd a long time Cougar who has retired. Nadja is a tight defender and will provide strong support to our defensive end.

We are looking forward to commencing the session. It seems like we have been training forever so it is exciting to finally commence the competition which we expect to be tight and well contested during the season.” Coach Liz White.


Division 1
Tiata Baldwin
Bianca Cattelini
Mahalia Cassidy
Laura Scherian
Bronte Orreal
Kate Underwood
Hannah Johnson
Nadja Kundrus-Little
Alex Feggans
Jemmason Power


Division 2
Binnian Hunt
Rylie Holland
Hayley Gordon
Ally Mcleod
Kobe Howard
Julia Constantin
Maddie Hinchliffe
Tara Hinchliffe
Jess Price
Remi Kamo