Best of the best in the State hit the court

The Mission Queensland State Netball (MQSNL) league kicks off tomorrow at the Hibiscus Sports Complex with the Mission Queensland Firebirds releasing local talent Beryl Friday and Laura Clemesha to hit the court in the opening round.

Defender, Clemesha will suit up for last year’s runners-up the Suncoast Lynx.

While defending champions the Carina Leagues Club Tigers have not only boosted their shooting ranks with the return of 2014 MVP Friday but have also added former Firebirds Jacinta Messer to the defensive end.

Coach Amanda Sheaffe said both players bring different skills and leadership to an already exciting Tigers line-up.

“Beryl has come through the Tigers program we love having Beryl back it gives another dimension to the game and gives us that extra variety in our game,” Sheaffe said.

Sheaffe said the Tigers are a very different team to last year when they won the Queensland Champions Cup beating Suncoast Lynx including Messer who returns to the Tigers for the first time since 2011.

“Jacinta brings so much to the team both on and off the court, we are so lucky to have her back in Tiger land and can’t wait to see what she can do in the state league,” Sheaffe said.

Messer, who played for the Firebirds for three seasons from 2012-2014 said she is looking forward to being back in the orange and black dress with the Tiger family after a few years away.

“I’ve played with some of the girls for a very long time, longer than I care to admit, so it’s wonderful to hit the court with them again,” Messer said.

“It is going to be a tough game against Jags but I can’t wait to get out there.”

The Tigers have also recruited a number of young faces into their line-up including Georgie Biggs from the 19/U Queensland State team and Alexia Baker who was named in the 17/U Australian squad after the Queensland team took out the 17/U National Netball title last month.

Both Messer and Sheaffe said the combination of youth and experience will help the Tigers take out another championship in 2015.

“It is always really exiting to play our first game we have had a fantastic preseason and the girls can’t wait to get on the court and play in the tiger uniform,” Sheaffe

“It is great to have some new players to our line-up especially with the experience we have in the Tigers with Jac and Katie Elmer,” Sheaffe said.

“Our Captain Katie is an amazing leader on and off the court, she really is an amazing athlete and ready to lead a new team in the 2015 season.”

Sheaffe said the Tiger opening round clash against the Golden South Jaguars will be a tough match but said the defending champions cannot take any team lightly.

“Jags will be a great hit out in weeks one, they have a great shooting end and are looking sharp this year,” Sheaffe said.

“I think we are a different team this year, but we would not be here if we do not think we could take out another title in saying that we have al lot to do to work towards that.”

Carina Leagues Club Tigers
 v Golden South Jaguars
Saturday 9 May – 7pm


Brisbane North Cougars
Brisbane North Cougars v Brisbane West Lions
Saturday 9 May – 5pm

“We are looking forward to commencing the session. It seems like we have been training forever so it is exciting to finally commence the competition, which we expect to be tight and well contested during the season,” Coach, Liz White.


Brisbane West Lions
Brisbane West Lions v Brisbane North Cougars
Saturday 9 May – 5pm

“Looking good after watching them at the preseason. They are looking fit and ready to hit the court but they are under no illusion knowing it is going to be tough. We play one of the top team in the opening round, the Cougars and we are expecting a really tough match. I think the girls have what it takes and they are really excited about the challenge and the gives then an idea about where they sit in the competition especially coming up against a team like Cougars,” Coach, Shaye Gillet.


Golden South Jaguars
Golden South Jaguars v Carina Leagues Club Tigers
Saturday 9 May – 7pm

“Looking forward to the opening round against the defending champions the Carina Leagues Club Tigers to test ourselves. We had our first training session as a team of 10 last night! It has been a difficult preseason, with injury, illness, having 6 players committed to Queensland sides, but we have pulled through well. We are excited to spend more time together and consolidating our combinations. We are approaching the season one game at a time,” Coach, Linda Peterson.


Suncoast Lynx
Suncoast Lynx v Magnetic North Steelcats
Saturday 9 May – 3pm

“It will be a really good test for us as the Steelcats are a relatively unknown team this season but so are we because of all the changes we have had. We probably had two weeks preparation with the entire team but we feel prepared after the weekend coming into the first game. I think our centre court, with Dom Scott playing a big role for us and our defensive end will be the key for us and will need to step up to help our young shooters,” Coach, Simone Nalatu.


Magnetic North Steelcats
Magnetic North Steelcats v Suncoast Lynx
Saturday 9 May – 3pm

“A lot of youth this year and try and develop I brought some older players like Lucy Abott and loving the atmosphere and a lot of nice talent coming through. Will be missing Kimberly for the clash against the Lynx. Started late with selections and filling our team as been challenging, our transitioned and timing on the court is coming other nicely and we are looking forward round 1,” Coach, Margaret Sugars.


Brisbane South Wildcats
Have a bye in round 1.

“The Wildcats are looking to consolidate the results from 2014.  We have had a strong preseason and our team has been strengthened with our new recruits.  The Wildcats realise that it’s going to be a tough battle to make finals this year, but we are committed, have a great combination of girls with difference experience levels.  We also have a belief in what we can achieve together,” Coach, Danielle Edwards.