Cougars Claim Victory over the Steelcats

Cougars claim victory over steelcats

The Kedron-Wavell Services Club Cougars are back in winning form after defeating the McDonald’s Steelcats 55-26 at the Cornubia Park Sports Centre on Saturday, May 25.

After a devastating loss in the previous round of the Queensland Champions Cup, the Cougars fought back to secure a 29-point victory over the Steelcats.

As the team gears up for the looming finals, Cougars captain, Kate Bullen, said every point matters.

“It’s good to come away with a win after a loss last week,” she said.  “Now it’s just building week-to-week because we are heading into finals, so every game needs to be better than the game before.”

The newest addition to the team is returning player, Sally Butters, who was a Cougar until last year before she headed over to the United Kingdom to play for Team Northumbria in their state league.

Ms Bullen said it was a relief to have a familiar face rejoin the team.

“It’s nice having someone we’ve had here before so it’s an easy transition for us,” she said.

As of now the Cougars future-training sessions will be aimed on polishing their skill sets and working towards the finals.

“We’ll work on just basic netball, trusting each other, playing for each other and having pride in the club we play for,” Ms Bullen said. “From now every game is really important.”

In round 12 of the Queensland Champions Cup the Cougars will play the Brisbane West Lions at the State Netball Centre on Saturday, June 1 starting from 7pm.