Lions set for a challenge

Brisbane West Lions


Coach – Shaye Gillet
Captain – Zofia Wasiak

Sam Hurst
Alanah Cassidy
Brooke Pollick
Jacquie Tranter
Caitlin Pollard

Sheryl Scanlan – Assistant Coach roles
Peta Coles
Donna Doolan
Katrina Cavanagh

Round 1
Brisbane West Lions v Brisbane North Cougars 
Saturday 9 May- 5:00PM

“Looking good after watching the team play at the preseason. They are looking fit and ready to hit the court but they are under no illusion knowing it is going to be tough. We play one of the top team in the opening round, the Cougars and we are expecting a really tough match. I think the girls have what it takes and they are really excited about the challenge and the match gives them an idea about where they sit in the competition early on, especially coming up against a team like Cougars.” Coach Shaye Gillet


Division 1
Erin Aston
Lucinda Benjamin
Alanah Cassidy
Samantha Hurst
Stephanie O’Brien
Kaitlin Pollard
Brooke Pollock
Jacqui Tranter
Zofia Wasiak (C)
Kate Woodhouse

Division 1
Shaneen Benstead
Clare Frost
Lillian Gray
Mia Henderson
Larissa Hughes
Jasmin James
Matika Laycock
Amy Morssinkhof
Loren Morssinkhof
Lara Turner