MQSNL Division 2 Grand Final


The 200 players in the Mission Queensland State Netball League was narrowed down to just 20 for the Division Two Grand Final where the Brisbane North Cougars played off against the Bond University Jaguars.


The 2015 season was the fifth season in a row where the Cougars have qualified for the Grand Finals.


Both teams had one win against the other under their belts from the season rounds, and it was clear that both teams wanted to win this title.


The game begun with both teams starting off indecisive, but they quickly settled into the game.


It was goal for goal until Cougars Goal Keeper, Remi Kamo, took a crucial intercept for her team allowing the Cougars to win the first quarter 16 goals to 9.


The second quarter saw Jaguars Wing Attack, Jada Gafa, move to the bench, with Chandler Searle taking her place.


The tight one-on-one defence from the Cougars caused turnover after turnover and their speed made the transition from defence to attack seamless.


The Jaguars struggled to keep up with the intensity and speed of the Cougars, causing the Cougars to extend their lead to 10 goals.


Some quick goals in the final minute saw the Jaguars to come within two points, the second quarter ending with Cougars leading 28 goals to 20.


Cougars Centre Kobe Howard went to the bench before the third quarter, with teammate Ally McLeod taking her place.


Jaguars started the second half off strong, scoring the first two goals of the quarter and bringing the Cougars lead back down to four goals within the first five minutes of the quarter.


Jessie O’Rouke, the Jaguars Goal Defence, took some great defensive rebounds that contributed to her team’s comeback.


A fall in the circle saw Cougars Goal Attack, Binnian Hunt, leave the court with a knee injury with four minutes to go in the quarter.


Kate Lister put on the Goal Attack bib to replace her injured teammate, with Ally McLeod also being replaced by Maddie Hinchcliffe in the Centre position.


The third quarter ended with the Cougars still in the lead by three goals, 39 to 36.


It was the Cougars who started the final quarter off strong, pulling their lead back out to six goals.


With just under ten minutes to go, Jaguars Goal Attack and on-court captain, Lauren Scully, called an injury time out but continued to play.


Jaguars Wing Attack, Chandler Seale, was replaced by starting player Jada Gafa.


Jaguars fought hard to come back, but the Cougars held onto their lead, winning the game 53 goals to 45.


Cougars Goal Defence, Tara Hinchcliffe, was awarded Player of the Match.