Shock Loss Leaves Jaguars Fans Stunned

Shock loss leaves jaguars fans stunned

Fans of the Golden South Jaguars left the State Netball Centre stunned after their team’s shock loss to the Carina Leagues Club Tigers at Saturday night’s Queensland Champions Cup game.

The Jaguars had high hopes going into the match but were bested by the determined Tigers, going down 58:29.

Coach Paula Stuart had no excuses for her team’s poor performance.

“At the end of the day, we weren’t ready for them,” she said.

“The Tigers went out there to play hard and we didn’t follow suit.”

Humble in defeat, Coach Stuart praised the court work of the Carina club.

“These girls had run us ragged by the end of the match,” she said.

“I’ve got to praise the work of Kerri Gordan (GD), Sophie Croft (GA) and Katie Walker (C) on the night.”

“These are girls who knew how to get the ball to bounce for them.”

The Jaguars tried hard to turn the game around in the second half when Madeline Walsh (WD) left the court after sustaining a nose injury.

Coach Stuart made sweeping changes across the board, moving Meegan Rooney into Walsh’s vacated spot in wing defence, Jade Fiscalini into goal defence and Leah Middleton onto the court as goal keeper.

However, this was not enough to stave off the Jaguar’s eventual defeat.

Coach Stuart said that the side gained many valuable lessons from the match.

“If there’s one thing we can ultimately take away from this match, it’s to make sure to cover all bases,” she said.

“The Tigers had some sharp transitions, and we weren’t working hard enough to put a damper on them.”

This Saturday at 7pm the Jaguars take on the McDonald’s Steelcats at Townsville RSL Stadium. Coach Stuart said that the match is a “must win” for the club and will ultimately decide whether or not they have a shot at the semi-finals on June 29.

In Mission Queensland State Netball League news, the Golden South Jaguars had a mixed round at the Townsville RSL Stadium edging out the McDonald’s Steelcats on Saturday 51:20, but losing to the Marlin Coast Marlins 44:41. Coach Megan Lynch praised the work of shooters Raylene Andrews and Courtney Capper in keeping the spirits and scores of the team up over the weekend.