Wildcats committed to make finals

 Brisbane South Wildcats


Coach – Danielle Edwards
Captain – Madeline Walsh

Larissa hughes
Mary Josey
Courtney Cappet

Lenora Misa
Rebecca Hong
Mazlin Latimore

Brisbane South Wildcats have a bye in round 1.

“The Wildcats are looking to consolidate the results from 2014.  We have had a strong preseason and our team has been strengthened with our new recruits.  The Wildcats realise that it’s going to be a tough battle to make finals this year, but we are committed, have a great combination of girls with difference experience levels.  We also have a belief in what we can achieve together.” Coach, Danielle Edwards

Division 1
Madeline McAuliffe
Madeline Walsh
Olivia O’Donnell
Rosa Kauvai
Aldora Tuala
Hulita Haukinima
Abigail Meafou
Lenora Misa
Mazlin Latimore
Rebecca Hong

Division 2
Jordan Waugh
Brittany Mould
Hayley Walsh
Tia Wallace
Leilani Solaese
Ella Lawrie
Danielle Taylor
Carien Peusschers
Aldrinna Tuala
Harriet Nicholson