Young Lynx rebuild under new coach

Suncoast Lynx


Coach – Simone Nalatu
Captain – Emma Tickner


Emma Cook
Allana Pengilley
Poppy Warson
Ashlee Unie
Josephine Hungerford
Chloe Witherland

Laura Clemesha
Stephanie Wood
Laura Scherian


Round 1
Suncoast Lynx v Magnetic North Steelcats
Saturday 9 May – 3pm

“It will be a really good test for us as the Steelcats are a relatively unknown team this season but so are we because of all the changes we have had. We have probably had two weeks preparation with the entire team but we feel prepared after the weekend coming into the first game. I think our centre court, with Dom Scott playing a big role for us and our defensive end will need to step up to help our young shooters.” Coach, Simone Nalatu.


Division 1
Emma Cook
Brienne Creet
Claire Haigh
Josephine Hungerford
Poppy Warson
Chloe Witherland
Allana Pengilley
Dominique Scott
Emma Tickner
Ashlee Unie


Division 2
Amele Artango
Nicola Baxter
Eden Cassidy
Kellie Drew
Carly Finnen
Adrienne Keeffe
Blaze Leslie
Tara Mortimer