Youthful Steelcats set for a big season

Magnetic North Steelcats


Coach – Margaret Sugars
Captain – Krytel Wategio (Burdekin) Sian Roberts (Townsville)


Lucy Abbott
Kimberley Jenner
Eleanor Hopsburgh


“A lot of youth this year and try and develop I brought some older players like Lucy Abbott and loving the atmosphere and a lot of nice talent coming through. Will be missing Kimberly for the clash against the Lynx. We started late with selections and filling our team as been challenging, our transitioned and timing on the court is coming other nicely and we are looking forward round 1. We will really have to work had to shut down the attack end, It is will be tough and we want to be competitive and if the win comes it will be a bonus.” Coach Margaret Sugars


Division 1
Eleanor Hopsburgh
Kate Ollington
Sian Roberts
Rebecca Seabrook
Lucy Abbott
Kaela Delaney
Georgia Bulley
Kimberley Jenner
Krystal Watego


Division 2
Rosie Baker
Jennifer Hamilton
Courtney Marty
Maddyn White
Jessica Fowler
Brady Smith
Zoe Carr
Anna Staib
Lynette Patten
Emily Schenscher