Quality Member Program


The Quality Member Program (QMP) was developed to nurture our Associations and their Members.

The Quality Member Program is designed to support and guide our Associations in their operations and improve administration standards.

In partnership with Associations, Netball Queensland’s Quality Member Program will contribute growth and development of our sport.

Many Associations will already be operating close to Bronze Level, which means this level of accreditation should be easily attainable.

Silver and Gold Level Accreditation Levels may require further growth and internal development within an Association.

Associations will be rewarded for progressing through the program and reaching each new Accreditation Level.

Netball Queensland aims to provide support, take on board feedback, and answer any questions regarding the QMP as it is introduced across the state in 2014.

Netball Queensland looks forward to working with all Associations to achieve key milestones throughout the program.

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Quality Member Program Accreditation Levels

Associations will be rewarded for progressing through the program and reaching subsequent Accreditation levels.  The Quality Member Program levels are as follows:


Quality Member Affiliation Level

is a mandatory yearly submission to provide Netball Queensland
with updated details about your Association.



Quality Member Bronze Level

This level ensures that your Association meets the minimum standards.
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Quality Member Silver Level

This level builds on the practices that established in Bronze Level.
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Quality Member Gold Level

Gold Level is the pinnacle level of Accreditation in the QMP.
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Netball Queensland welcomes your feedback regarding the Quality Member Program.

If you have any questions regarding the Quality Member Program please contact the Member Services Unit on (07) 3848 6330 ext 54 or by emailing us at membershipsupportunit@netballq.org.au