The Nissan State Age Championship is Netball Queensland’s junior association carnival for players aged 12 to 15.  The aim of this event is to provide an inclusive environment for young players to come together and compete against players from across Queensland.

The regulations pertaining to this event have been designed around the following guiding principles

  • Ensuring all players are provided with an opportunity to participate
  • Creating a positive netball experience for all involved
  • Optimise playing and recovery time to manage the physical and mental well being of the participants

The success of the State Age Championships will be based on the following criterion

  • Number of Associations participating
  • Participant experience satisfaction rating
  • Number of attendees at the event
  • Attendee experience satisfaction rating

For the first time Netball Queensland is offering the opportunity for boys to play at the State Age Championships.  Any boys born 2006 to 2003 are eligible to participate in a boys only division.  Expressions of interest are sought from boys who are keen to play, even if they are not currently registered members of Associations.   Individual players should register your interest directly with Charlie Griffiths ( or teams of boys can nominate via the link below

Event information

Dates:                                               July 7-10, 2018.

Nominations Open:                           March 09, 2018

Nominations Close:                           March 30, 2018

Coach & Manager Registrations:      March 30, 2018

Player Registrations:                         June 15, 2018

Draw Released:                                 May 4, 2018

Venue:                                                Ipswich Netball Association

Click here for the launch announcement.



2018 Nissan State Age Championships Ipswich Manual


Team Nominations

A “How to nominate” help sheet can be found HERE

12U Team Nominations

13U Team Nominations

14U Team Nominations

15U Team Nominations (Girls)

        15U Team Nominations (Boys)


Expression of Interest for all wishing to play in the Boys competitions can be found Click Here.


Coach and Manager Registrations

12U Coach and Manager Registrations

13U Coach and Manager Registrations

14U Coach and Manager Registrations

15U Coach and Manager Registrations (Girls)

        15U Coach and Manager Registrations (Boys)