Ruby Series Fixture Revealed. But what is the Ruby Series?

The Ruby Series’ will be the underpinning competitions to the HART Sapphire Series and will provide a direct pathway for developing Queensland’s emerging  talent. The Ruby Series’ provide an opportunity for players from right across Queensland to prepare for a place in the HART Sapphire Series as well as providing exciting young talent with the opportunity to learn from and be exposed to more experienced players and coaches.


The Ruby Series’ is split into two components, Ruby Series South, which will play alongside the HART Sapphire Series and the Ruby Series’ North who will play three cluster weekends of fixtures around Northern Rays home games in the HART Sapphire Series.    Each Ruby Series’ team will have a direct link to a HART Sapphire Series team, providing opportunities for every player to advance. This provides links to further Queensland netball players and gives them equal opportunity.


Every Association in Queensland has a directly link to a HART Sapphire Series and Ruby Series club to ensure that young netballers around the State have a visible aspirational goal.  Netball Queensland GM – High Performance & Sport Entertainment said “While every young netballer wants to be Diamond, which is wonderful, the number who reach the pinnacle is very small.  I would encourage young players to aim to play 100 games in the HART Sapphire Series for their Club and if they do, that, there is every chance they will get an opportunity in the Suncorp Super Netball and then it is only one step to the Diamonds”


Participation in the Ruby Series will form a crucial step in the development framework for players to move from  the Queensland Premier League up into the, Ruby Series and then be a candidate for  HART Sapphire Series contract. Ultimately, this will enhance the number of Queensland players who are ready to step into the Suncorp Super Netball competition.


The Netball Queensland High Performance framework will provide competition opportunities to meet the participation demand of players. The range of Netball Queensland sanctioned competitions caters for every level of the junior, senior and elite athlete pathways.


The new structure of Netball Queensland competitions helps to clearly identify, develop and polish talented Queensland players, coaches and umpires, s, providing all with an affordable, accessible opportunity to reach their appropriate level of the game.  . The Netball Queensland High Performance programs (including both HART Sapphire and Ruby Series’), are recognised as national leaders for holistic program deliveries, SSSM (Sport Science & Sports Medicine), coaching, and excellence support.


Netball Queensland has secured brand new partners for both series, including HART Sport,   Mizuno and Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) giving unprecedented opportunity to athletes, umpires and support staff.


The Ruby Series will commence in June. See the full fixture HERE.