What your membership fees fund

When you become a Netball Queensland member you become more than a player or official – you become part of a bigger picture, part of the fabric of netball in Queensland.

“When you become a member of Netball Queensland, you are not just getting a number of benefits for yourself, you are helping to develop and safeguard the future of netball at all levels.” Catherine Clark, Netball Queensland CEO.

In 2020, a Junior or Senior Netball Queensland membership is $90, that equates to roughly 25c a day and enables you to play Netball at any Affiliated Association or Club across Queensland. For NetSetGO ($55 Membership plus a $25.30 Netball Australia Participant Pack), and Non-Playing Membership for coaches, umpires and officials ($35), membership is even more affordable.

How your membership fees benefit you and the sport you love

Creates a world class workforce

Your fees help provide modern and accessible training for hundreds of coaches, officials, umpires and volunteers every year to develop their skills & knowledge and make playing netball possible for thousands of people around Queensland.

In 2018 alone, 1104 new coaching accreditation levels were achieved, 313 achieved a national umpiring badge and 2224 people passed the rules of netball theory exam.

Supports Clubs and Associations

Membership revenue helps us support the network of clubs and Associations across Queensland and develops programmes and products to help grass roots grow. This includes:

  • Subsidised conferences – including the NQ Coaching and Umpiring Conference and our annual Leaders Conference, of which over 250 people from Associations and Clubs attended, benefitting thousands of players will benefit indirectly from the learnings they took away.
  • A new Customer Relationships Management System (CRM) which helps us understand our members better and tailor solutions and information better to serve you. It also helps us to understand our business and secure better commercial partnerships to in turn provide benefits back to our members.
  • Tapping into the expertise and time of our staff, through programmes including NetAssist which aims to help Associations deliver a better experience for their members.
  • Supporting clubs and Associations to use Netball Australia’s MyNetball platform. This provides the convenience of registering online and allows you to easily check your fixtures, results and ladders on your phone.

Provides peace of mind insurance

Your affiliation fees pay for your $20 million public liability insurance and personal accident insurance that comes with your membership. It also pays for insurance to cover clubs, leagues, competitions, officials and volunteers. To find out more about insurance and why you need it, click here.

Promotes netball & celebrates our sport

Your membership helps raise the awareness of netball and your club through the Play Netball QLD sign on campaign. We hit the airways and feature on your TV screen through partnerships with Hit 105 and Channel 9. We also developed a play netball toolkit for clubs and associations to promote the sport in your local community.

Netball is full of amazing and inspiring stories and your funding helps us to share those stories with the world. Not only do these stories tell us about who we are, but they also shine a light on the transformation our sport can have on the lives of the people and communities we live in.

Gets school children started in the sport

For many people, their first experience of netball is at school. Your membership helps us provide a school ambassador program where teachers can access free accreditation.

Your membership in addition to Sporting Schools funding enables our staff to train and support community coaches to provide an amazing first netball experience in schools. Last year alone we reached over 10,000 students across Queensland.

Gives us good governance and guidance

Your fees fund several key groups that act as a voice for players, clubs, Associations, coaches and officials. This includes the Horizon 3 project working groups which provides strategic advice to the Board and acts as a channel by which the netball community can raise strategic issues to be considered by the Board.

In 2019 we’ve added two new board subcommittees: the Diversity and Inclusion Sub-Committee and the Technology and Digital Leadership Sub-Committee.

Create first-class competitions

Your fees contribute towards the cost of competitions, of which members of all ages and abilities compete in every season. This includes the HART Sport Sapphire Series, Nissan State Age Championships, Queensland Premier League, State u16 & u18 Titles, Vicki Wilson Championships and Primary Schools Cup. Even if you do not partake in these competitions, they are a big part of the Netball Queensland’s remit and are important for the future health and growth of the sport.

Creates the top talent of the future

You help provide the stepping stone for our state’s top talent from the Emerging Talent Program to the Queensland Firebirds.

Your membership contributes to the NQ Performance Framework which outlines the opportunities and support in place to nurture Players, Coaches and Officials striving to reach their potential.

We have athletes competing at all levels at the national stage from the National Underage Championships to the Deakin University Australian Netball League that underpins Suncorp Super Netball. You help support athletes from across Queensland who are selected into State programs with travel, medical and training support ensuring that the best talent can progress through the system regardless of where they are from.

We now have 12 Queensland born players playing in Suncorp Super Netball (that’s 20% of the Australian born players in the competition).

Protects players and the sport’s reputation

You help keep our sport safe for all those that take part, particularly the young and vulnerable. Our work in safeguarding and integrity, through the development and implementation of our Member Protection Policy and the Integrity in Netball Framework, is subsidised by membership revenue.

And… you help us unlock other funds so we can spend more on grass roots

A strong membership base also allows us to access to other funds, including both government and commercial funding. Diversifying our income sources is extremely important.

The Queensland Government rightly expects to see that State Sporting Organisations are investing in the sustainability and development of the sport, and by you – and thousands of others – choosing to have a relationship with the Netball Queensland, we become a more reliable and trusted partner to invest in. This means we have more funds available to spend on grass roots.