Bench Officials Resources

The Netball Australia Bench Officials Manual is the official resource for Bench Officials and is based on the International Netball Federation (INF) Bench Officials Manual (2017). It outlines the behavioural requirements and standards of the Bench Official role.

Netball Queensland and other Member Organisations are required to utilise these procedures and protocols when hosting National Netball Championships, Australian Netball League and Suncorp Super Netball. 

Click here for the Officials Manual.

Bench Official Courses

This course has been designed to assist you in learning the skills and knowledge required to fulfil all Bench Officials roles. 

The Bench Officials Education course is a pre-requisite for obtaining the State Bench Official Accreditation and subsequently the National Bench Officials Accreditation. 

Bench Official Paperwork

Best Practice

Performance Report Templates

Performance reports focus on helping develop the skills of a Bench Official. The purpose of these performance reports is to provide Bench Managers, Assesors & Mentors the opportunity to provide qualitive feedback to any Bench Official, outside of the Accreditation assessment process.