The Netball Queensland Community is made up of people who contribute in lots of different ways (playing, officiating, facilitating) to form the fabric of our amazing sport.

There are over 80 Member Associations (with over 300 affiliated clubs) and 10 Community Organisations, offering opportunities to participate in Netball Activities, from beginners to high performance athletes, playing and facilitating opportunities for others to play and develop, all striving to deliver a positive experience in Netball through the staging and facilitation of Come and Try days, NetSetGO! programs, school holiday and afterschool clinics, social and competitive women’s, girls', mixed, boys' and men’s competitions.

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To be eligible to participate in a program, competition, carnival or event offered by Netball Queensland or one of our Member Associations or their Affiliated / Member Clubs, you must be a registered member of Netball Queensland.

Being a registered member provides piece of mind and confidence that your club and / or Member Association is approved by Netball Queensland as the recognised peak body for Netball in Queensland and provides members with access to a wide range of benefits.

All players, coaches, umpires, officials, committee members and regular volunteers must be registered through NetballConnect, the registration and competition management platform Netball Queensland utilises to administer Netball in its jurisdiction.

The following fees are payable by each playing and non-playing member through NetballConnect and are in addition to any fees that may be charged by Associations and / or Clubs.

2024 Netball Queensland Membership Fees - Category Four (Individual) Members
The annual membership fee paid by participants, is a capped fee which allows you to be involved in eligible Netball competitions, carnivals and events across the calendar year. The annual Netball Queensland membership fees for 2024 are as follows:

Player Membership 2024

$112.00 This product is available for age 2+.

Non-Playing Membership 2024 (Coach, Umpire, Volunteer, Committee / Life Member)

$No Charge  

All prices listed above are inclusive of GST.

Non-playing membership is for any person acting in the capacity of team coach, team manager, assistant coach, umpire, administrator, official, regular volunteer and / or other person performing a role that assists in the facilitation of Netball Activities (on court or off court, tangible or intangible) at an organisation in Netball Queensland's Community.

Even though there is no charge to register Non-Playing Members for Season 2024, it is really important that if you perform these roles at your Association or Club, you formally register in NetballConnect that you are performing these roles, as you become an Individual Member and agree to be bound by Netball Queensland's policies.  It also provides Netball Queensland a more accurate picture of the sheer depth and size of its Community.

Other 2024 Netball Queensland Category Four (Individual) Membership Fees
In addition to the 2024 Playing and Non-Playing Membership, Netball Queensland offers a number of other membership products and types, enabling more people to participate in fit for purpose Netball Activities in Netball Queensland's Community.

NetSetGO! (Pack Eligible) 2024

$105.00 Includes non-refundable Netball Australia fee and NetSetGO! pack (this is the only membership product that is eligible for a NetSetGO! pack).  This product is for children aged between 5 and 10.

10 Week Membership 2024*

$53.00 For competitions of up to 10 weeks in duration. This product is available for age 2+.

Carnival Membership 2024

$23.00 For carnivals of up to seven consecutive days.  This product is available for age 2+. 

Social Playing Membership 2024

$37.00 For social netball competitions, approved by Netball Queensland.  This includes Walking Netball.  This product is available for age 2+.

All prices listed above are inclusive of GST.

* Registration in multiple 10 Week Memberships by the same player will be capped at the Player Membership 2024 level of $112.00.

Please note that if a player switches between membership products, they will be automatically placed on the higher membership cap.  For example, if a player with a Social Playing Membership subsequently registers for a Player Membership 2024 during 2024, the player will be transferred onto the Player Membership 2024 cap of $112.00.  Another example is if a NetSetGO! player registers for a 10 Week Membership or Social Playing Membership during 2024, they will also be transferred onto the Player Membership 2024 cap of $112.00.

Age Ranges Listed Above
Please note that these are Netball Queensland age ranges for its Membership Products, Netball Queensland's Member Associations, Community Members and their Affiliated Clubs that stage Netball Activities may have further age restrictions within these stated age ranges.

Membership Benefits
Becoming an individual member of Netball Queensland, you are joining a community of like-minded players, coaches, officials, administrators and volunteers, who are passionate about Netball.

You will also have access to high-quality netball experiences and benefits on and off the court. The following provides an overview of how your membership fees contribute to Netball Queensland's jurisdiction.

A world class workforce
Your fees help provide modern and accessible training for hundreds of coaches, officials, umpires and volunteers to develop their skills and knowledge, and make playing netball possible for thousands of people around Queensland.

Support for Member Associations and Clubs
Your membership fees enable us to develop programs, products and resources for our network of Associations and clubs throughout Queensland. We work closely with our communities to deliver the resources needed to ensure the success and growth of our sport and competitions across the state.

The purchasing of a Netball Queensland Playing Membership supports Netball Queensland to develop the capacity and capability of our people to help meet the ever-increasing needs of the Netball Queensland Community.

NetballConnect, the platform that Netball Queensland utilises for its registration and competition management, enables new and returning members to register online or through its app.  It also enables the user to make a single payment that covers those of the Club and Association you have registered with, as well as Netball Queensland.

Members also have access to Live Scoring and competition draws through the App.

High quality netball experiences
Our members also enable us to develop and support programs such as:

  • NetSetGO!
  • Walking Netball
  • Netball in Schools
  • Come and Try Days

Competitions and Events
Your membership contributes towards the Netball Queensland community and school competitions, which members across a range of ages and abilities compete in each year.

This includes the HART Sapphire Series, Nissan State Titles, State Age Championships (Junior and Senior Competitions), Country Carnivals, Vicki Wilson Championships and Origin Energy Primary Schools Cup.

Talent of the future
Your membership contributes to the facilitation of opportunities and support to nurture players, coaches and officials to reach their potential.

Peace of mind insurance
Your Netball Queensland membership (playing or non-playing) enables you to access the Netball Australia National Insurance Program, which includes Personal Accident Insurance Coverage.

Promotion of our sport
Your membership helps us to promote netball and raise awareness to the many ways people in our communities can be involved. Through our partnerships we can reach new audiences to tell the amazing and inspiring stories from our community. Not only do these stories tell us about who we are, but they also shine a light on the transformative impact that our sport can have on the lives of the people and communities we live in.

Further Questions? 
Contact Netball Queensland at or (07) 3426 9500.