The Netball Queensland community has over 100,000 members who play, coach, officiate, administer and who love our amazing sport. 

“When you become a member of Netball Queensland, you are not just getting a number of benefits for yourself, you are helping to develop and safeguard the future of netball at all levels.” Catherine Clark, Netball Queensland CEO

We have more than 80 Associations and over 280 Clubs across the State offering opportunities to participate in netball - from Come and Try days, clinics, Suncorp NetSetGO programs, social and competitive women's and mixed competitions to name but a few. To find your nearest Association or Club, click here. 

In order to participate in a Netball Queensland affiliated Association/Competition and/or higher level courses, you must be a registered Member of Netball Queensland. 

Netball Queensland is the peak body for netball in Queensland. The following fees are payable by each player and non-player through their Association or Club. 

2022 Netball Queensland Memberships Fees 

All fees are inclusive of GST.

The Netball Queensland Membership is an annual membership fee paid by participants, which allows you to be involved in Netball Queensland affiliated competitions for the calendar year. 



Registration Category




2022 NQ Fee (incl.GST)


Increase from 2021


5 to 10 years and participating in a NetSetGo program (includes NA fee)





Junior Player (Annual)

7 to 17 years participating in fixtures/competitions





Junior Player (Season)

7 to 17 years participating in fixtures/competitions of up to 10 weeks





Senior Player (Annual)

18 years and over participating in fixtures/competitions





Senior Player (Season)

7 to 17 years participating in fixtures/competitions of up to 10 weeks





Non-Playing Member

Coaches, Umpires, Committee Members, Life Members, Managers & Volunteers





Event/Carnival Registration

Unregistered individuals participating in carnivals/events for up to three days.






How your membership fee benefits you and the Queensland netball community

Creates a world class workforce

Your fees help provide modern and accessible training for hundreds of coaches, officials, umpires and volunteers to develop their skills & knowledge and make playing netball possible for thousands of people around Queensland.

Supports Clubs and Associations

Your membership fees enable us to develop programmes, products and resources for our network of Associations and Clubs throughout Queensland. We work closely with our communities to deliver the resources needed which enables the success and growth of our sport and competitions across the state. 

Netball Queensland develops governance practices which ensures the best leadership for our affiliates. Policies, guidelines, standards and codes of conduct are reviewed and updated regularly to ensure players, coaches and unpires are protected, and the standard of netball delivered in Queensland provides a first class experience for you, the member. 

Memberships also supports us in developing the capacity and capability of our people to help meet the ever-increasing needs of our community including:

  • Supporting Clubs and Associations through the registration process including training - online and face-to-face - and complaints Management
  • A dedicated Delivery Network team for our Clubs and Associations across the state
  • Subsidised conferences including the NQ Coaching and Umpiring Conference and our annual Leaders Conferenceof which over 250 people from our Associations and Clubs attend to discuss, learn and share knowledge, indirectly benefitting thousands of players through the learnings taken away from Leaders Conference
  • Providing good goverance and access to relevant policies, resources, templates and committees to provide strategic feedback and direction for the sport

Promotes netball & celebrates our sport

Your membership helps us to promote netball and raise awareness to the many ways people in our communities can be involved. Through our partnerships we can reach new audiences to tell the amazing and inspiring stories from our community. Not only do these stories tell us about who we are, but they also shine a light on the transformation our sport can have on the lives of the people and communities we live in. 

Your members also enable us to develop and support programmes such as :

  • NetSetGO! - encouraging youngsters to learn the netball basics
  • Walking Netball - a modified version of netball designed for older members of our community - it's netball, but at walking pace!
  • School Sport  - provides a school ambassador program for teachers to access free accreditation. We're also a Sporting Schools provider delivering positive first netball experiences for students across the state
  • Pathway Competitions and Events

Your membership contributes towards the cost of competitions, of which members of all ages and abilities compete in every season. This includes the HART Sapphire Series, Nissan State Titles, Nissan State Age, Origin Energy Vicki Wilson Championships and the Primary Schools Cup. 

Creates top talent of the future

Your membership contributes to the Emerging Talent Program and the NQ Performance Framework, which outlines the opportunities and support in place to nuture Players, Coaches and Officials reach their potential.

We have athletes competing at all levels on the national stage from National Underage Championships to Suncorp Super Netball. Your membership helps support athletes from across Queensland who are selected in State programs from travel, medical and training ensuring that the best talent can progress through the system regardless of where they are from.

Provides peace of mind insurance

Your membership fees pay for your $20 million public liability insurance and personal accident insurance. These insurance options have been exclusively designed to provide protection for you when you are involved in activities that are sanctioned by Netball Australia and all the state and territory associations, such as organised competitions, coaching clinics, official events, playing and training. 

It also pays for insurance to your club competitions, leagues, officials and volunteers. To find out more about insurance and why you need it, click here. help us unlock other funds so we can spend more on grass roots

A strong membership base also allows us to access other funds, including both government and commercial funding. Diversifying our income sources is extremely important. 

The Queensland Government rightly expects to see that State Sporting Organisations are investing in the sustainability and development of the sport, and by you - and thousands of others - chossing to have a relationship with Netball Queensland, we become a more reliable and trusted partner to invest in. This means we have more funds available to spend on grass roots. 


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