Competitions Overview

Netball Queensland Competitions

Netball Queensland structures its Competitions to ensure that each has the appropriate context and purpose, enabling the Competition Framework to facilitate the objectives listed below.

  • To provide affordable and accessible competition structures that enable players, coaches and officials of all levels to pursue their dreams
  • To provide access for all to an appropriate standard of netball, ensuring participants can reach a level where they are challenged, but don’t always dominate or are consistently out of their depth;
  • To ensure an appropriate volume of netball to ensure participants can meet their training and playing requirements and maintain a lifelong passion for the game.
  • To reduce the impact of cost as an inhibitor to participation and that cost does not prevent talented player, coaches and umpires from further selection.
  • Ensure all competition structures have a clear purpose and fit into the broader context of NQ Competitions to aid with player, coach and umpire retention and progression as appropriate

Current assessment of all Netball Queensland competitions

In assessing the context and purpose of each competition, Netball Queensland seeks to be clear as to:

  • What is the purpose of the competition or why does it exist?
  • How the rules and regulations around the competition aling with the purpose of the competition?
  • How does Netball Queensland evaluate the success of this competition and does that align with the purpose and the regulations?