Umpire Advisory Panel 

The purpose of this panel is to provide advice to Netball Queensland personnel to bridge gaps in umpire and umpire coach development within Queensland.  The reformation of this panel comes after Netball Queensland Performance Umpires sought assistance from Netball Queensland to define the pathway for Queensland umpires to provide structured development opportunities cohesively both regionally and in metropolitan areas. The UAP will act as an advisory panel to Netball Queensland with respect to umpiring matters.  Without removing Netball Queensland’s responsibility for umpire development, the members of the UAP believe that the outreach, network and knowledge of its panel members will be an effective resource to assist Netball Queensland to target the needs of umpires and umpire coaches across Queensland.   


Conduct and Integrity Tribunal Panel 

In accordance with NQ’s Code of Conduct and Integrity Policy and the Disciplinary Procedures Regulations, this Tribunal Panel is established as the independent body which NQ’s conduct and integrity matters are referred to for determination or appeal. The members of the Conduct and Integrity Tribunal Panel bring with them a range of experiences and skills suitable to the function of an integrity body, including legal careers (barristers or solicitors), investigations manager, sports administrator, integrity expertise and a thorough knowledge of netball as well as other sports. 


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