State Titles

The purpose of the 16U and 18U State Titles is to provide an opportunity for the best athletes, coaches and umpires from across Queensland to compete against each other in a high quality competition.

The competition also provides athletes with a shared platform to compete for selection in the Queensland 17U and 19U Squads who participate at the Netball Australia pathway event, the National Netball Championships (NNC), the following year.

2023 Event Information

State Titles

Date: Saturday 16th - Tuesday 19th September 2023

Venue: Nissan Arena

ACU Brisbane North Cougars
Bond University Bull Sharks 
Brisbane South Wildcats 
Capricorn Claws
Carina Leagues Club Tigers
Darling Downs Panthers 
Gold Coast Titans
Northern Mendi Rays (South, Central and North regions in the 16U competition)‘
TAE Ipswich Jets Netball
USC Thunder 

The Emerging Athlete Pathways (EAP) program supports eligible young athletes, coaches and officials aged 10-18 years to progress on a development pathway by providing financial assistance to help alleviate the costs associated with attending state, national and international events.

18U Competition Winners – Carina Leagues Club Tigers 
18U Competition Runners-Up – Bond University Bull Sharks
18U Final MVP – Edie Lenarduzzi (Tigers)

16U Competition Winners – ACU Brisbane North Cougars
16U Competition Runners-Up – Brisbane South Wilcats
16U Final MVP – Marley Burns (ACU Brisbane North Cougars)

18U Competition Winners – Gold Coast Titans
18U Competition Runners-Up – USQ Jets
18U Final MVP – Talitah Faifai (Gold Coast Titans)

16U Competition Winners – Carina Leagues Club Tigers
16U Competition Runners-Up – ACU Brisbane North Cougars
16U Final MVP – Tia Crombie (Carina Leagues Club Tigers)

2023 Qld Squads – Selected at 2022 State Titles

19U Squad 

Kayla Anderson (Brisbane South Wildcats) 
Abby Boland (Gold Coast Titans) 
Baylee Boyd (USC Thunder) 
Holly Buckley (Bond University Bull Sharks) 
Georgia Butt (USC Thunder) 
Alissa Carey (Northern Mendi Rays) 
Kiara Condon (USQ Jets) 
Bayley D’Hotman de Villiers (Gold Coast Titans) 
Sophia Dobson (Carina Leagues Club Tigers) 
Tahlia Evans (Brisbane South Wildcats) 
Talitah Faifai (Gold Coast Titans) 
Poppy Gatfield (USC Thunder) 
Georgie Johnson (Brisbane South Wildcats) 
Emily Jones (Capricorn Claws) 
Ocean Karekare (USQ Jets) 
Larika Malagaoma (ACU Brisbane North Cougars) 
Yasmin Mayall (ACU Brisbane North Cougars) 
Jayden Molo (ACU Brisbane North Cougars) 
Kiesha Muckan (USC Thunder) 
Dakota Newson (Gold Coast Titans) 
Lillyana Rennie (USQ Jets) 
Elsa Sif Sandholt (USQ Jets) 
Mia Smalley (USC Thunder) 
Kaylin van Greunen (Darling Downs Panthers) 
Mia Wharekura (USQ Jets) 
Jade Williams (Capricorn Claws) 
Emmisyn Wynyard (ACU Brisbane North Cougars). 

17U Squad  

Ellie Brice (USC Thunder) 
Marley Burns (ACU Brisbane North Cougars) 
Holly Comyns (Carina Leagues Club Tigers) 
Tia Crombie (Carina Leagues Club Tigers) 
Jada Delaney (USC Thunder) 
Sasha-May Flegler (Northern Mendi Rays) 
Jasmine Gill (USC Thunder) 
Joesi Gisinger (Bond University Bull Sharks) 
Molly Green (USQ Jets) 
Mahlia Henare (ACU Brisbane North Cougars) 
Gemma Hutchings (ACU Brisbane North Cougars) 
Charlotte Jonsen (Northern Mendi Rays) 
Sarah Joyce (Carina Leagues Club Tiger) 
Ella Macartney (USQ Jets) 
Elka Macaulay (Bond University Bull Sharks) 
Olivia Mallard (Gold Coast Titans) 
Brooke Marchant (Gold Coast Titans) 
Maia Masoe (Bond University Bull Sharks) 
Tia Molo (ACU Brisbane North Cougars) 
Losehina Mulligan (Carina Leagues Club Tigers) 
Anessah Oakley (Northern Mendi Rays) 
Samaya Oakley (Northern Mendi Rays) 
Aaliyah Sheppard (Carina Leagues Club Tigers) 
Kaylee Tamala (Carina Leagues Club Tigers) 
Kirra Tappenden (USC Thunder) 
Saupo Toeleiu (USQ Jets) 
Kydan Tuapou (Brisbane South Wildcats) 
Halle Webster (Darling Downs Panthers) 

2022 Qld Squads – Selected at 2021 State Titles

Baylee Boyd – USC Thunder 
Holly Comyns – Carina Leagues Club Tigers 
Tia Crombie – Carina Leagues Club Tigers 
Darcie Davies – Bond University Bullsharks 
Jada Delaney – USC Thunder 
Sophia Dobson – Carina Leagues Club Tigers 
Tahlia Evans – Bond University Bullsharks 
Talitah Faifai – Bond University Bullsharks 
Grace Gabriel – Capricorn Claws 
Atlanta Horan – Bond University Bullsharks 
Gemma Hutchings – Cougars  
Tehya Hyssett – Bond University Bullsharks 
Elka Macaulay – Bond University Bullsharks 
Yasmin Mayall – USC Thunder 
Gypsy McCormack – USC Thunder 
Jayden Molo – Cougars 
Kayla Newberry – USQ Jets 
Dakota Newson – QUT NETBALL 
Lily Phillips – Bond University Bullsharks 
Aliesha Rogers – Barastoc Panthers 
Kirsten-Lupe Tanielu – USQ Jets 
Ngahuia Te Rure – Wildcats 
Saupo Toeleiu – USQ Jets 
Kydan Tuapou – Wildcats 
Zara Van Gorp – Cougars 
Kaylin Van Greunen – Barastoc Panthers 
Ocean Karekare – USQ Jets 
Emily Jones – Capricorn Claws 
Rose Mulligan – Carina Leagues Club Tigers 
Lilli Pryor – Northern Mendi Rays   
Amy Williams – Barastoc Panthers 
Note: Teams listed are as per the Athlete’s 2021 Nissan State Titles registration 

QLD 19 & Under State Squad 
Holly Atherton –USQ Jets 
Ava Black – Bond University Bullsharks 
Kalei Brighton – Barastoc Panthers 
Rianah Childs – Carina Leagues Club Tigers 
Kaneihana Clark – Cougars 
Kiara Condon – USQ Jets 
Gemma Cowin – USC Thunder 
Lily Cubby – USQ Jets 
Ashleigh Ervin – Bond University Bullsharks 
Grace Farrelly – USC Thunder 
Poppy Gatfield – USC Thunder 
Sarah Harris – USC Thunder 
Larika Malagaoma – Cougars 
Rylee Masoe – Bond University Bullsharks 
Hayley McGruther – QUT NETBALL 
Lily McClure – USC Thunder 
Estel Mocelutu – Northern Mendi Rays 
Ellie Muir – Bond University Bullsharks 
Lillyana Rennie – Wildcats 
Georgina Roy – Cougars 
Elsa Sandholt – Bond University Bullsharks 
Isabelle Shearer – Cougars 
Naomi Solomona – USQ Jets 
Kayla Anderson – Wildcats 
Jada Anstee – Carina Leagues Club Tigers 
Georgia Butt – USC Thunder 
Renee Cubby – USQ Jets 
Jorja James – Northern Mendi Rays 
Erin Joyce – Carina Leagues Club Tigers 
Mackenzie Linton – Northern Mendi Rays 
Molly McPherson – Barastoc Panthers 
Chloe Williams – Cougars  
Asolelei Niumata – Cougars (injured) 
Olivia Roberts – USQ Jets 
Charlize Sivyer – Cougars 
Note: Teams listed are as per the Athlete’s 2021 Nissan State Titles registration