Finance, Audit & Risk Management Sub-Committee

The Finance, Audit and Risk Management (FARM) Committee is a sub-committee of the NQ Board that supports the Board by providing oversight and advice regarding Netball Queensland’s financial reporting and controls, financial strategy, external audit arrangements, compliance and risk management.  


Technology & Digital Sub-Committee

The Technology & Digital Board Sub-Committee (TDBSC) provides advice and support to NQ as it implements a system wide digital strategy which supports our organisational requirements presently, and for the future. TDBSC aims to encourage a greater capability to adopt emerging technology; assist NQ to understand it’s current cyber risks and advise specifically on operational and strategic priorities in an ever-changing landscape.  


Diversity & Inclusion Board Sub-Committee 

The Diversity & Inclusion Board Sub-committee supports NQ to meet its strategic diversity and inclusion goals by providing feedback and recommendations on policy development and program delivery. The Sub-Committee comprises community advocates dedicated to removing barriers to participation and ensuring netball is the most played and supported sport in Queensland.   


Queensland State Netball Centre Board Sub-Committee  

Chaired by the NQ Company Secretary and Chief Operating Officer, the Queensland State Netball Centre Board Sub-Committee has been established to ensure the objectives and operation of the centre are in alignment with NQ’s objectives. The Sub-Committee oversees, manages, and makes recommendations which aim to promote and maximise netball and non-netball usage of the venue, and broader precinct in which it is situated, deemed to be in the best interests of NQ. 


Nominations Sub-Committee

The role of the Nominations Committee is to advise and assist the NQ Board on matters relating to board recruitment, retention and performance and examines the skills and characteristics required of board candidates through the application of a skills matrix including advising on competency gaps and reviewing Board composition in relation to strategic direction.   The Nominations Sub-Committee also advises and assists the NQ Board on matters relating to the compensation, bonuses, incentives and remuneration issues of the chief executive officer (CEO) and NQ staff.


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