Board Members

Netball Queensland Board

Appointed Director February 2023

Leanne is an accomplished and well-respected chief executive and non-executive director, strategist and communicator held in high esteem by government and industry. She is acknowledged for deep expertise in stakeholder engagement, and delivering long-term partnerships aligned to commercial outcomes.

A former senior executive at Tourism and Events Queensland for the past 26 years, including being CEO from 2013-2022, Coddington brings enormous experience and capability to the board. As well as her experience with TEQ, Leanne is a non-executive director of the Museum of Brisbane and Helloworld, an adjunct professor of the UQ Business School and a fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

BBus Comms, Sport Governance Q-Sport;  
Elected Director: March 2020 
Appointed Casual Vacancy Director: July 2019  
Board Sub-Committees: (Chair) Technology and Digital Leadership Committee  

Simone has over 20 years’ experience as a strategist creating strong brands from the inside out and is the Managing Director of Publicis Worldwide in Australia. A strong believer in uncovering brand purpose and then leading teams to create experiences spanning across digital, activations, PR, advertising and internal channels. Simone’s leadership has shaped many of Australia’s iconic brands in tourism, health, sport, finance, education with recent specialist behaviour change projects with youth. Simone has strategically led programs to build confidence in girls and young women, believing sport has a strong role to play in building better lives and communities. She has a true love of sport with it being integral in her life from childhood, and now has three children who have participated at various levels in a multitude of sports including netball, hockey, tennis, touch football, rugby union, AFL, soccer, and athletics. She brings on the ground, in community experience through to elite pathway insight right through to leadership of how to engage more people in a sport. 

BBus, Sports and Event Management 
Elected Director: April 2021 

Marg Cedar is passionate about Netball.  Running alongside her 30 years of government experience at the Australian Tax Office, Marg has held a number of positions across netball in North Queensland. 
Having been an active member of Townsville City Netball Association Inc since its formation in 1981, Marg has played, coached at junior, senior and state level, and has her National B umpire badge. 
During this time Marg has also contributed through a number of administration roles, and contributed to developing structures, constitutions, policies, and procedures at both association and club level. As an ardent supporter of netball in North Queensland Marg was one of the driving forces in establishing the Northern Rays. This experience has given her an insight into the infrastructure required to ensure that there is equity in services across the State. 
Marg has been an active member of the Netball Queensland Horizon Three Steering Committee since inception giving her insight into the operational requirements and the direction needed in today’s sporting environment. She has an understanding of the needs of members, partners, sponsors, and government. 
Showing a growth mindset Marg has just completed a Bachelor of Business majoring in Sport and Event Management and Human Resource Management, and is looking forward to sharing her in-depth knowledge of netball and North Queensland in service to the Netball Queensland membership. 

B. Com, G. Dip Fin Planning, G. Dip Applied Finance and Investment.  
Appointed Director: March 2020 
Board Sub-Committees: Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee, Remuneration Committee.

David brings 30 years of experience in financial services, the last 15 of which as a senior executive leading businesses and large teams through significant periods of change and growth. He is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has served on the Boards of companies, not for profits, and industry associations. Currently he is the Group CEO of RACQ, and a director of Queensland Ballet and the Business Council of Co-Operatives and Mutuals (BCCM).  
When he was younger David played rugby union and cricket and more recently has watched his daughter play netball through much of High School.   

DipFin(Mort); Sales Agent Certificate in Real Estate;  
Elected Director: March 2020 
Board Sub-Committees: Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Finance, Audit and Risk Management Committee  

Dianne is a qualified finance professional, holding a Diploma in Finance & Mortgage Broking Management. She has over 20 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, originally starting her career in retail banking. Additionally, Dianne has a Sales Agent Certificate in Real Estate and is a Queensland Commissioner for Declarations. 

Netball is Dianne’s lifelong passion, she has played netball since the age of 5 and is still playing today! Netball has given her many opportunities and lifelong friends. She has also given her time and knowledge volunteering as an Association President, coach and umpire. 

Appointed Director June 2021 
Board Sub-Committees: Queensland State Netball Centre Committee.

Mitchell has over 25 years of knowledge in senior leadership roles in both the private and public sectors. He has an MBA; has studied at the Harvard Kennedy School; and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Currently a Chief Executive Officer in Local Government, Mitchell has vast experience at Government stakeholder management. Mitchell was the founding Managing Editor of and has a deep understanding of sport having served as a CEO in both the National Basketball League and A-League and he covered three Olympic Games during his distinguished media career.

Elected Director: April 2022 
Board Sub-Committees: Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, Nominations Committee. 

Cara has a wealth of Netball knowledge as a player, parent and A-Badge Umpire, having been involved in Commonwealth Games training matches, Australian Institute of Sport Development Camp and pre-season Suncorp Super Netball matches. Cara also brings an impressive professional resume from a successful career as a chartered accountant and Chief Financial Officer. Cara’s long involvement in netball from grass roots level through to Netball Queensland has provided her with a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities for umpires, coaches and players. Cara’s focuses are around strategic direction and longevity of the sport for generations. 


Finance, Audit & Risk Management Sub-Committee

The Finance, Audit and Risk Management (FARM) Committee is a sub-committee of the NQ Board that supports the Board by providing oversight and advice regarding Netball Queensland’s financial reporting and controls, financial strategy, external audit arrangements, compliance and risk management.  


Technology & Digital Sub-Committee

The Technology & Digital Board Sub-Committee (TDBSC) provides advice and support to NQ as it implements a system wide digital strategy which supports our organisational requirements presently, and for the future. TDBSC aims to encourage a greater capability to adopt emerging technology; assist NQ to understand it’s current cyber risks and advise specifically on operational and strategic priorities in an ever-changing landscape.  


Diversity & Inclusion Board Sub-Committee 

The Diversity & Inclusion Board Sub-committee supports NQ to meet its strategic diversity and inclusion goals by providing feedback and recommendations on policy development and program delivery. The Sub-Committee comprises community advocates dedicated to removing barriers to participation and ensuring netball is the most played and supported sport in Queensland.   


Queensland State Netball Centre Board Sub-Committee  

Chaired by the NQ Company Secretary and Chief Operating Officer, the Queensland State Netball Centre Board Sub-Committee has been established to ensure the objectives and operation of the centre are in alignment with NQ’s objectives. The Sub-Committee oversees, manages, and makes recommendations which aim to promote and maximise netball and non-netball usage of the venue, and broader precinct in which it is situated, deemed to be in the best interests of NQ. 


Remuneration Sub-Committee

The role of the Remuneration Committee is to advise and assist the NQ Board to fulfil its responsibilities to members of NQ on matters relating to the compensation, bonuses, incentives and remuneration issues of the chief executive officer (CEO) and NQ staff.  


Nominations Sub-Committee

The role of the Nominations Committee is to advise and assist the NQ Board on matters relating to board recruitment, retention and performance and examines the skills and characteristics required of board candidates through the application of a skills matrix including advising on competency gaps and reviewing Board composition in relation to strategic direction. 



Boys & Mens Advisory Group 

The Boys & Mens Advisory Group supports NQ in the growth of netball participation for boys and men, including recruitment of new players, management of boys in existing competitions and the male participation pathway. 


Competitions Advisory Group 

The Competitions Advisory Group supports NQ in ensuring netball competitions throughout the state are contemporary, fit for purpose, inclusive and rewarding.  


First Nations Advisory Group 

The First Nations Advisory Group (FNAG) has been established to guide and support NQ’s strategic priorities as they relate to participation pathways for First Nations players, coaches and umpires and diversity and inclusion initiatives such as our Reconciliation Action Plan.  The aim of the FNAG is to improve the cultural capabilities across netball and improve equity across all levels of our game. The Advisory group will provide expert advice to the NQ Diversity & Inclusion Board Sub-Committee and the NQ Board and management. 


History & Traditions Advisory Group 

The History & Traditions Advisory Group advises NQ Board and management on matters of cultural heritage and supports the strategic objectives of NQ providing advice on preserving information and record keeping mechanisms, and guidance on NQ history and tradition policies, initiatives and programs. 


Schools Advisory Group 

To be established in 2023. 



Umpire Advisory Panel 

The purpose of this panel is to provide advice to Netball Queensland personnel to bridge gaps in umpire and umpire coach development within Queensland.  The reformation of this panel comes after Netball Queensland Performance Umpires sought assistance from Netball Queensland to define the pathway for Queensland umpires to provide structured development opportunities cohesively both regionally and in metropolitan areas. The UAP will act as an advisory panel to Netball Queensland with respect to umpiring matters.  Without removing Netball Queensland’s responsibility for umpire development, the members of the UAP believe that the outreach, network and knowledge of its panel members will be an effective resource to assist Netball Queensland to target the needs of umpires and umpire coaches across Queensland.   


Conduct and Integrity Tribunal Panel 

In accordance with NQ’s Code of Conduct and Integrity Policy and the Disciplinary Procedures Regulations, this Tribunal Panel is established as the independent body which NQ’s conduct and integrity matters are referred to for determination or appeal. The members of the Conduct and Integrity Tribunal Panel bring with them a range of experiences and skills suitable to the function of an integrity body, including legal careers (barristers or solicitors), investigations manager, sports administrator, integrity expertise and a thorough knowledge of netball as well as other sports. 


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