Diamond Spirit Educate

The following resources have been developed in collaboration with Diamond Spirit teachers and the University of Queensland's HPE unit. These four units are mapped to the Australian curriculum and focus on emotional, social and physical wellbeing. Whilst netball remains the context for each of these units, they may be adapted to suit your individual needs. These units are ideally suited for years 7 to 9.


To empower young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women to strengthen their voices, to unite communities and create leaders for our future generations. Providing opportunities to genuinely connect with culture fosters a sense of belonging for First Nations students which creates pride, confidence and heightened cultural wellbeing.

By drawing strength from culture, Diamond Spirit utilises educational pathways and netball to nurture the growth of participants and provide opportunities, allowing them to confidently connect, engage and excel in their communities. It is an investment in personal growth that will create opportunities to build resilience and demonstrate persistence when working through challenges.