The Governance platform aims to support volunteer committees to improve governance, leadership and business continuity. The aim is to utilise technology (Process PA) to improve record keeping, knowledge sharing and meeting effectiveness to reduce administrative burden on volunteers through automation and templates. 

Process PA

Process PA is your personal assistant guiding you through your governance requirements for your management committee or board. The platform allows for your committee to be moved online as the new, modern and easy to use governance portal. Feature of Process PA include:

  • Simple agenda templates
  • Automatic notifications for meetings
  • Action item follow up
  • All committee documents being stored in one place
  • Letterhead can be customised providing professional, clear and consistent minutes

Process PA removes the need for a hub of committee documents to be retained or a laptop to be handed down from secretary to secretary. All documents are stored safely in the cloud and can be accessed anywhere by the committee. 

Want to learn more about Process PA? Watch our webinar delivered by Process PA developer, Matt Rowan

Impressed by what you see and are ready to sign up? Visit the Process PA website  and click on the green 'Register' button in the top right of the home screen


A constitution is a basic set of guidelines and rules for the daily running of your Club or Association. The constitution is a legal documents of any Incorporated Association and cannot be changed without the correct process. A constitution can:

  • Provide procedures as a guide for the daily running of your Association or Club
  • Assist in overcoming internal issues
  • Explain to members and non-members what your Association or Club is all about

Netball Queensland see value in aligning constitutions by offering a standardised approach:

Constitution Template