The Technology platform looks to optimise the use of technology as a driver of growth, sustainability and customer experience. The aim is to continue to grow this space using multiple, fit for purpose technology-based platforms with the first significant roll out of Netball Live Scores powered by World Sport Action (WSA), which will replace MyNetball. 

Netball Live Scores Powered by World Sport Action (WSA)

The improvements and benefits include:

  • The ability to have participant password reset via SMS
  • The opportunity to regrade competitions automatically without having the cancel the draw in the system
  • An e-commerce solution so that Associations and Clubs can establish their own shop to sell uniforms, merchandise etc. 
  • The ability to register multiple participants in multiple competitions in one transaction
  • The ability to create user pay weekly competitions for those that cannot play each week
  • The ability to live score games, reducing significant administrative burden for committees and providing a much-improved user experience
Live Scores

To download the new app, use the following links:

World Sport Action at Nissan State Age 2020


Training has been offered to all Associations and Clubs. Training commenced on October 6 and will continue through until December 16. Additional training, specifically on competitions, will be offered during the January - March 2021 period. 

Feedback is welcome to provide a platform that is the best solution for Netball. Please email WSA with your comments and suggestions:

Live Scores 2