The workforce platform focuses on creating a connected, unified and growing netball workforce across Queensland. Research is underway for 2020 and beyond to explore opportunities to utilise technology (Flare HR) to improve the attraction, recruitment, development, and retention of talent within the netball system. We are investigating streamlining induction processes, providing HR support and implementation of leadership and traineeship programs. 

Committee Position Descriptions

The size and structure of a committee will vary according to the size of your Club or Association. Traditionally a committee will comprise of president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Refer to your constitution to understand additional details of committee structure, service times and other important information about the club committee composition.

In an ideal world, the Committee composition should reflect the mix of professional knowledge and experience. These may include business, accounting, legal, strategic, marketing, and others related to the activity within the Club or Association. To help recruit the right people for the role, please refer to Position Description templates to get you started.