Netball Queensland are excited to announce the formation of our Youth Advisory Board. 

In creating the Youth Advisory Board, we have two objectives:

  1. to listen to the voice of young people: to provide a clear and formal avenue for young people to influence and shape our decision-making; and
  2. to build leaders for the future: to develop our youth and prepare them for leadership roles and responsibilities in the future.

We truly value a diversity of perspectives and experiences and we believe that netball’s future will be stronger and more successful if young people are informing our strategy.



We are looking for a group of young people with a strong connection to netball – player, coach, umpire, volunteer, or Firebirds fan. 
Essential: a passion and connection to our purpose -transforming lives through netball.  
Key criteria: the best thinkers, collaborators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators – who all share a connection to our great game.  


The Youth Advisory Board will provide you with an opportunity to be part of our purple family. Of course, this is also a great personal and professional development opportunity.  It’s not everyday that you can gain insight into how a leading state-based sporting organisation works. Of course, it’s also your way of being the voice of our netball youth. You get to be part of the decisions and secure a seat at the table. Be part of the sporting awesome that is Netball Queensland.

This is your chance to use your netball knowledge, street smarts and leadership skills to make a difference.


  • Board roles will be for 18 months starting 1 July 2021 til 30 Dec 2022
  • The Board will meet monthly (available virtually for those across regional and rural Qld) for 2 hours with typically 4-5 hours per month preparation.
  • The Youth Advisory Board will have 12 members (2 co-chairs and 10 members) aged between 12 and 24 years (inclusive) at the time of their appointment.
  • Positions are voluntary with reimbursement of expenses occurred on behalf of the Youth Advisory Board.


You’ll be someone who:

  • Is dedicated, enthusiastic and committed to listening to other young people in your greater community/clubs/associations about netball issues which affect them.
  • Thrives in team environments and enjoys making a positive and constructive contribution while respecting other members points of view to achieve a unified approach.
  • Has a passion for netball, as a player, as a coach, as a fan and/or volunteer
  • Is curious and keen to be a change maker for current and future generations of netballers.
  • Is eager to learn new skills, experience personal development, develop your personal networks & have some fun.
  • Abides by Netball Qld’s procedures, policies, and codes of conduct.



Don’t forget, if you’re under 18 you’ll need to grab your parent’s permission. There’s a bit involved but it’s an easy process:

  1. Complete the following survey - (Please note your application will be shared with members of the Youth Advisory Board Selection Panel as part of the assessment process).
  2. Once the survey is complete you’ll need to:
          a) Either film or write a pitch (2 minutes or 2 pages) to tell us why you’re the right person for this role.
          b) Get a written character reference from someone who can attest to your leadership abilities.
          c) Grab a letter from your parent/guardian if you’re under 18.
  3. Email your pitch, character reference and consent letter to
  4. We’ll be in touch for the next steps.

*Please see below for more detail on steps A, B and C:

PART A - We want to know why you would like to be a member of the Youth Advisory Board and what your vision for Netball is. This is your chance to explain or show us why you would be a great Youth Advisory Board member. Your submission can be written, audio or video and should be no longer than 2 pages or 2 minutes.  In your submission, please address the following questions/criteria:

  • What is your motivation for wanting to be a part of the 2021/22 Youth Advisory Board?
  • Where would you like the Youth Advisory Board to take you in the future?
  • What is your proudest achievement and/or accomplishment?
  • What do you consider to be your best qualities?
  • Please outline any current community activities, hobbies, interests, studies, and other experiences you feel are relevant to this Board role?
  • In your opinion what is the biggest opportunity for netball in Qld?
  • What kind of opportunities are you most interested in via the Youth Advisory Board i.e., Meeting other young people, informing decisions, learning new things etc?

PART B - Please attach a one-page letter of support from someone who knows you and your abilities.

PART C – If you are under 18, please provide a letter from your parent/ guardian that includes their name, contact details and consent for you to be a member of the Netball Queensland Youth Advisory Board.


Don’t forget this gig starts 1st July so we’ll be chatting soon.

Applications close Wednesday 9 June 2021.  

We look forward to hearing from you!